4/25 -- DBQ BBQ 5 (Dubuque, IA) (HDR,SF4,SC4,GG,SSBB,TVC,3S)

I’m bringing my “tvc ready” aka region free wii and my copy of tvc.

Lol, I SWEEEEAR I made a post in this thread but I guess I suck at life. Anyway, I just heard about this, sounds dope, I’d be willing to bring my ps3/SF4.

Grog you’re in DSM? I’m in Ames. Any sort of arcade scene there dude?

Zero arcades here, we drive to Omaha if we want to go to an arcade but we are making a SF4 scene and we’re getting decent at the game too. More comp is always nice! Check this thread http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=133553&page=24

Also any word on the cabs being there again? I’d love to have casual ST matches again on those now that I’m competent with the game :rofl:

Count me in. ST was great for me last year. Looks like I’ll probably have a couple other Wichita people coming up with me, should we look for somewhere to stay or will some kind person be able to house us?

I had fun last year, so might go again.

Show up so we can run back last year’s AH finals in AH2.

If your game is up to par, that is. It better be, dammit. >=[

I thought I was gonna win last year. :frowning:

You also cheated by making me think you will play Lieselotte. Why did you need to do that to me???

The cedar rapids crew will be there to ruin peoples lives.

You know I have yet to play you in anything, hope to see you again man :tup:

Got an update. Not going to be able to get the cabinets for this. I apologize, and I know that’s probably gonna keep some of you from coming, but transporting them isn’t going to be practical (or maybe even possible) for this. Because of this, knocking venue fee down to $5. There may be a invitational team tourney afterward at Keela’s, but I’m not promising anything.

Again, no cabs, venue fee is $5. (waits for more red in the rep bar. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

arg no cabs

thats a big bummer

Hmm, hope a lot of you still decide to show up.

I’ll check and see if there’s any interest from MO crew

Figure now’s a good time to ask. Is anybody housing for people? Also if not what is a good hotel that’s near? Figured people would like to know to help plan since it’s only 2 paychecks away :tup:

So, here’s a cool story. Turns out, my major exam that I need to become an accredited engineer, yea that’s on the 25th. And it’s a full day exam. So there’s no way for me to make it at all.

…shit on me dude you serious? That may very well be the worst news I’ve heard in months…it’s not gonna be DBQ BBQ without you…it’ll be like DBQ Easy Bake Oven. Or DBQ Microwave TV Dinners.

Wow… no cabs AND no murph?! :wtf:

This does not bode well…

too bad, this event is going to be fun, i’m really mad i didn’t make it to the last one but i’ll be there for sure to beat everyone senseless in hdr…


Doubt it :wgrin:

So with Murph out of the picture do we have anyone willing to host some gamage pre/post tourney? Preferably somewhere we can consume alcohol. :lovin: