4.26.08 Nashville Tekken 5 DR, 3rd Strike, ST Results

Good tourney. Higher cash prizes next time as well!

1st-Drago (Cincinnati, OH)
2nd-Ian (WotmanX)
3rd-Jon (RPGKingX)
4th-Charlie Dycus (CodEZ)

3rd Strike (64 players)
2nd-Geoff Arnold
3rd Jamie Levy
4th-Dan Lite
5th (tie)-Neil “CigarBoB” Atkin
5th (tie) Victor “dogface” Ratliff
7th (tie)-Jose Gonzalez
7th (tie)-Nelson Santamaria
9th-Scott “Vincent Delpino” Hovey
9th-Scott “Shelbyville” Gaines
9th-Scott “Sabre” Bender
9th-Scott Jacobs

Super Turbo (46 players)
1st-Neil “CIgarBob” Atkin
2nd-Alex Navarro
3rd-Jeff Schaefer
4th-Tomo Ohira
5th (tie)-Apoc
5th (tie)-Kuni Funada

Thanks to everyone that showed!

holy shit OG’s came out in effect for ST

any vids?

Someone brought a big VHS Camera, but the tape didn’t work. We did not realize we had to make sure the tab on the tape was covered.

lol@results. sure buddy haha. #1 cigarbob is never coming out again. so its already a joke :slight_smile:

damn 9th place? that fake for sure. everyone knows im worse than that! i beat daigo’s ass down tho, hes scrub, he couldnt even parry oro fireballs! i hope he enjoys last place!

p.s. i used an atari 2600 joystick. evo aint ready

I thought beat Apoc for 5th, but I’m not really sure since I entered via XBand. Hopefully we can clear this up because I was counting on the prize money to pay off my external 2.4 modem.

Hell’s yeah. taking my prize money and shootin over to vegas for some high stakes pai gow!

Thanks to all who entered and thanks jason for holding the tourney. was awesome. except for the flight from phoenix. 4 hours on a plane sux. especially when the person next to you had chili, was asleep and farted every 10 minutes… i’m not gonna say who it was but his screen name is in the next sentence…

haha sabre got 9th. you scrub-a-dub

thats fagalicious. but hey, my atari 2600 joystick was pretty dope right? i sggk demon off it. jiro who?

watson: you should of made it with Shirts. He was scared of the freaking plane again.

FMJ: I think your Xband was disconnected or something. We kept trying to get the phone line working right, but that FAX sound was not coming through.

lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll cant believe daddy didnt include me in results wtf! (LOL again at scott jacobs)

floe, you cant be on there when AZ is there, dominating the 3s ranks!!!

way to go drago, how many entrants in t5?

Floe: you got pulled over in St. Louis and decided to play WoW, remember? LOL

Thata way Phil in placing 1st in DR. Proud of ya brotherman. :tup:

Sado, I believe there was 8 ppl in the DR tourney.

Sluch: Negative, there were 10. Would have been 11 but one guy reneged but still showed to watch.

Just got home from my honeymoon in Nashville.

Thanks to Dream for running the tournament. It was a blast and I had fun. Good games to everyone I played, especially WotmanX who gave me a run for my money. Sorry I couldn’t stay around longer but I don’t play 3S and my new wife was wanting to catch a movie.

To Sado and Sluch, thanks dudes. Wished more people came but I had fun.

Drago: What’s it going to take to get more Tekken guys from your area to come? You were the only one from out of state basically…

Well Dream I was actually in the city by luck. I saw the tournament announcement u posted and luckily for me my wife had never been to Nashville. It worked out that we had a honeymoon and she let me play a little (just a little) of Tekken as well.

I think you were on the right track tho, just announce tournaments a bit earlier so people can free up there schedules. Also I can talk to Sluch to drum up a Cincy/Kentucky invasion next time as long as it’s not too soon. Also I know some of the dudes I hang with like 3S as well so we can get a good turn out for 3S too.


i dunno, for a tourney not trying to be a regional/national/major/etc…, i think 16 days notice is hella good advance warning, for a mere local tourney, especially when he just held a tourney like 2 weeks ago or something like that heh… heaven forbid if weeklies or bi weeklies happen =/

man i shoulda won 3s. I was so close :frowning:


Wilson for a dope tourney, tekken guys for being cool and coming out. holy shit a tourney breaks double digits in smyrna??? IT’S ON!!

Cigarbob for being a beast.

Random umk3 and mkII matches LOL. those games kick ass and are so well made and balanced. they need to be at evo :slight_smile:


cigarbob grabbed my ass in losers brakcet. thats why i lost. damn him and those quilts. he threw one over me and i couldn’t finish parrying that damn chun li super. i was gonna daigo that shit down son.

Cigar bob for beasting me in the most random tekken match ever. Smyrna crew is too random at tekken LOL. we need to play it more than twice a lifetime lol!!

j/k cigarbob you are cool as fuck man, nice to meet you!! maybe catch you online sometime in some casual competitive hd remix haha.