(4/27/10) 8 on the Break Weekly #54


Another great tourney from the Break! This is the first week we had an online stream going and we plan to make it a weekly thing.

1: Sanford (Ken, Sagat)
1: FlashMetroid (C. Viper)
3: KDZ (Rufus, Abel)
4: Rahsaan
5: Darth Arma
5: MarlinPie
7: Ryder
7: Marn
9: Dizzy
9: Mike Infinite
9: Trinidad GAT
9: SmoothViper
13: Noel
13: Patt
13: Heartless
13: Wetbucket
17: RedRanger
17: Jaxel
17: HackerMike
17: Rigel
17: The_Laziest
17: Meyhem
17: Quotes
17: KillaBee
25: Bibulus
25: Zeke
25: DraxBlood
25: Sai
25: Random James
25: Kooper


Next time I won’t leave with unfinished business. Shit was mineeeee.


Yo uggggh.

Was fun to watch! Hope to see yall at ECT2!


I practiced with Guy for an hour after getting the game. No surprise I wasn’t going anywhere haha. I basically went for the hell of it and it was pretty cool. Probably won’t be returning until I get some practice with the new characters.
Would like to know the link in which you guys are streaming though.