4.28.06 - HBB 3s Ranbat #1 Results

1st ranking battle was a success! Only problem was the joystick(s) freezing up once in a while. Hope this doesn’t happen for Marvel or CVS2 in the coming weeks.

14 Entries –

1st: Dagger_G (Remy) + 10 points
2nd: DanHibiki (Urien) + 7 points
3rd: Lev (Yun) + 5 points
4th: BLEED (Ibuki) + 3 points
5th: Spice (Ryu)
5th: Ching (Alex)
7th: K-Zero15 (Urien)
7th: Ryuko (Ken)
9th: YK808 (Elena)
9th: Johnny (Ken)
13th: Young (Ken/Alex)
13th: Yuuki (Urien)
13th: Bryson (Ken)

Thanks for coming everyone.

LOL…you forgot…SHIN-HIDOSHI -5 points.

BLEED lol…It’s Nigeru…