[4/29/10] SSF4 launch party @ Brooklyn NY's Ooba Lounge


I apologize for the inconvenience everyone but due to a scheduling conflict I am forced to cancel this ssf4 launch party tonight. It appears that another group has created a launch party the same date and time as mine (although I created our event 1st). I would encourage you guys to go to this event instead being that I am for the community but they have more things to offer than I can. seth killian gave them free stuff go there and enjoy! This community is too small for events to bump heads. Ill just take my loss and think of it as me being apart of what they got going on?.

They are at 3 West 35th Street. 35th Street and 5th avenue Radio Star Bar
Same time and date as mine Thursday, April 29, 2010 at 6:00pm ? 2:00am

Sorry about that guys! I will see you there! !


dumb q, but 21+ i’m assuming? just would like to have that clarified :stuck_out_tongue:


Count me in, citi. Photographer for the night.


im with this but im assuming 18 to get in 21+ to drink?


ill have to update you guys on that one. thx for bringing that up. i will see if i can get 18 in!


you know I’m in there homie!! especially if its FRAY!! lolol


I’ll try to come. I actually have a College SSFIV tournament that day so after that I will try to make it there.


ill be there


yo im not 18 :amazed:

am i straight fucked?


^ imma put you on, on monday


Damn really want to come out to this but brother is only 12


lolol from jury duty straight to a ssf4 party. The official yin and yang of fun


any update man? i really wanna bring my boys


my apologies for the long dela but i do have an update for you guys.

Unfortunately, you must be 21 and older to enter. I’m sorry guys I tried to make that change but because they sell alcohol

time is form 7pm until


Sorry guys I misspelled the website. It’s www.oobany.com