4/29 MvC2, CvS2, & T5 - Philly Paddle Weeklies


1st - Brandon Deshields - MSP
2nd - Bryheem Keyes - Scrub, Rowtron
3rd - Damian Eklund - Storm/Cable/Doom
4th - Josh Wong - Scrub/MSP
5th - Alex Anderson - Storm/Cable/Cammy
5th - Kaliek Thomas - Scrub
7th - Som Diep - Cable2Lines


1st - Josh Wong - ASak/Bison/2Blanka
2nd - Kaliek Thomas - CVega/Bison/2Blanka
3rd - Bryheem Keyes - CCammy/Sagat/2Blanka
4th - Damian Eklund - AHibiki/Cammy/2Bison
5th - Som Diep - ABlanka/Sak/2Bison
5th - Alex Anderson - NRyu/Ken/2Sagat
7th - Brandon Deshields - C2Cammy/2Vega


1st - Josh Wong - Steve
2nd - Bryheem Keyes - Jack5
3rd - Kaliek Thomas - Bryan
4th - Alex Anderson - Jack5
5th - Damian Eklund - Steve
5th - Brandon Deshields - Steve
7th - Som Diep - Julia/Hei

Next Paddle Weekly: Friday May 6th 6:30 pm

i like heem over everyone in any game…

Damn Josh Wong really represented! :badboy:

i’m the best

till ny comes through. :wink:

you guys are all invited to the paddle weeklies

Sounds like it’s on once again! :tup:

Exactly! You guys are all invited. Josh Wong is the best.

two TVs this week :tup: no more BS time to step up :badboy: :badboy:

Yeah, carrying that TV up and down the steps is too much. :annoy:

in the near future ill come through. Right now I cant take anymore days off. It’s hurting my money supply.

Anyone new coming this friday?

me and jus are interested. ill even donate to all the 2d games, and ill have a TV in my car.

Cool, you should come through.

you’re hired… takin that other tv up 3 flights of stairs is too hard for a scrawny junkie…

on the weekends we hang at 20th and wallace

josh said it was pretty close to there–?

i think its wallace then fairmount then 2 more streets down is where we have to weeklies

hey josh wong
i dunno if you’ll get this but uhhhhhh lol

are you going to t6?

cuz i am

let’s go win this shit

fuck that sammang koy guy lol



god still plays???