4/3 CVS2, MVC2 @ The Break Results!


  1. Shawn Morgan
  2. Ed
  3. Steve
  4. Phil


  1. Jerry Hong K Sakura/Blanka/Sagat
  2. Robert Sigley K Kyo/Yun/King/Sagat
  3. Ed A Bison/Ken/Blanka
  4. John V A Rugal/Vega/Blanka

Finals was 2-1 jerry over me with his roll cancelling of a small jump right through a level 3 super, he’s more random than julian! haha good job jerry :smiley:

and rsigly takes 2nd place using 2 of the worst characters in the game.
good going rob

haha thanks yun and king are too good :smiley:

3rd…HAHAHA …Rob were taking over gaming…then world domiation…wait…wasnt that Hitler’s idea…nix that