4/30 Regency Fun Center Results - CvS2 and 3S

I see the Marvel results were posted already, so I’ll just put up CvS2 and 3rd Strike results if I can get through reading these brackets, so in case I posted something wrong, feel free to correct me. Thanks.

3rd Strike (19 entrants)

1st - Vic
2nd - Ken I.
3rd - 5 Star
4th - Arnel
5th - Adolfo
5th - Eliot

CvS2 (13 entrants)

1st - Warren
2nd - Darryl Austin
3rd - Ken I.
4th - Cesar Vargas
5th - Minh
5th - Mardig

Southtown placing 1st, 2nd, and 4th in CvS. Nice. Peace.

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good shit arnel, i thought u had work nagga?

Good games to everyone I played and everyone I didn’t. Regency rocks.

ah, couldn’t make it.

so what time did this tourny start?

good shit to muffinman for beasting, and ggs to that crazy geese on k groove that fucked me up dirrty. Left side 1p was terrible, HELLA ROLLING EVERYTIMe. I don’t really care but it sucked to find out during the match lol. Also gg’s to sex i you side switching porn star

bison’s small jump rh > me

spam rc elec > me


ggz all, raped me silly.

i think about 3.

so these results weren’t apexed either :confused:

wassup with socal? no one apex things anymore(except golden token)