4/30 Regency Results


  1. SooMighty(MSP,MSS-A, Santhrax)
  2. Pozzle (Storm/Sent/Cable, Santhrax, Scrub)
  3. Taiji (MSP, MSS-A)
  4. Reset (MSP, MSS-A)
  5. Ytwojay(MSP, MSS-A)
  6. KillerKai(Sent/Strider/Doom)

Soo beats Potter 3-1 in the winners finals. Potter beats Ace in the losers finals, and Soo beats Potter 4-2 in the grand finals. Good games all.

GG’s to all

Potter: i think your cable got a lot better, good shit!

Soo: nice seeing you again, your still a beast haha

<3 the set

taiji change ur gosh damn avatar

i miss you mike

GG’s To everyone shit was pretty fun esp that right side of courage…

Ace: you should roll over and play with us before ecc, i think this week if you have time. I’ll msg you on aim. I’ve been mashing with cable harder than ever before lol

Soo: Too Fast, shit was fun too bad we couldn’t play more. I dunno what’s better your thrax or your msp both are savage

Mike: Miss you <3

Also good shit to sex i in cvs2 and 3s, showing us what team RUN is all about. Good seeing dash too

it was fun playing marvel again. ggs to potts ace jay and everyone else I played. reset try some of the strats I told you. and kai, EC cant handle orbs/doom. goodluck to all of yall at ECC. I expect to see you all in the top 10. and potts in the top 2. Im rootin for yall.

lol top 5 all with 4 of the placers using bagnus

good shit pozzle

mic check 1,2,1,2

good shit potts and soo.

damn, i wanna go back to socal…

good stuff pozzle

Soo: you’ve always been a beast man :karate:

good shit to everyone =]


congrats to all the placers, kaising still holdin it down with strider nice work . alot of magnus in there

korean power!! :slight_smile:

nice to see that soo is back to marvel.

I wouldnt call it a comeback but it was def fun!

I dont think I used msp in the tournament. mostly santhrax and mss.

i remember you usin msp against martin. other than that, yeah, santhrax and mss the whole way

pottz got that fire. LEAVE 'EM ALONE.

taiji is nice non-stop.

i forgot to say gg’s duc jr. Man you’re row is really fucken solid, and you rarely use magneto.(you play the counter the right way) That shit is crazy dude. You shoulda used team scrub cable vs. cable is crazy. Too bad we played 1st round =(

oh yea I did play msp once. how embarassing.

EC can’t handle Strider/Doom? I beg to differ. Congrats on first BTW.

ORBS/Doom, and thanks :karate:

Good shit Soo. I guess this was a mag weekend on both coasts.