4/30 San Bernadino Best Buy T5 Results

1st - Tom
2nd - Devil Tim
3rd - Chet Chetty
4th - Calipower
t 5th - Aris
t 5th - Venom
t 7th - Insomnotek
t 7th - Cynnik
t 9th - Bob
t 9th - Jom
t 9th - String Bean
t 9th - Rip

Even though Josh and Devil X couldn’t compete, they were still there to jack free candy and sodas. Wern’t you supposed to be at rfc running t5 shit devil x?

Calipower coming back!

There are Tournaments held at Best Buy’s?!

Edit: Where can I find out if my local BB’s are having one? I don’t see anything on their site.

i did go to regency. tekken 5 wasnt happening there, so i went down to see some tekken action going down :stuck_out_tongue: yah and i jack alot of freebees lol congrats to the winners. josh and tom are going to be tough to beat :wow:

The next and final (for now, hopefully) one will be in Bakersfield, this coming Saturday. Signups start at noon, event opens at 2, tourney at 3.