4/4/04 - Animation Town Results


MvC2: “Toanage OWNAGE”
(9 participants)

  1. Toan Nguyen “total toanage”
  2. Steve Gutierrez “Surge_03”
  3. DeMarcus Riley “The RipGut”
  4. Emmanuel J.
    5t. Robert Cardenas
    5t. Roger Tesheira
    7t. Thai Nguyen "KINGDOM"
    7t. Jorge Garcia "Destroyer556"
    x. Brad Scott

3s: “Go TURTLE POWER!!!”
(8 participants)

  1. JW McNay “TeamDan” - (CHUN LI - SA2)
  2. DeMarcus Riley “The RipGut” - (URIEN - SA3)
  3. Thai Nguyen “KINGDOM” - (Ibuki - SA1; Remy - SA1/2; Ken SA3; Urien SA - 3)
  4. Robert Cardenas - (DUDLEY - SA3)
    5t. Roger Tesheira - (Alex - SA1; Hugo - SA1)
    5t. Jorge Garcia “Destroyer556” - (KEN - SA3)
    7t. Toan Nguyen “total toanage” - (CHUN LI - SA2)
    7t. Tony Tipton - (CHUN LI - SA2)


  • THUMBS UP - Melanie’s friend Yuliana; think taller, not fat, FINE ASS…MMMMM, just riiiigghhhtttt…I got first dibs!:evil:
    And yeah, I’m a dirty ole’ bastard…:evil:
    got the #, pic, and good ole’ love, too…try 1/2 hour…kekeke…:smiley:
    (yeah, my time’s are slow, but you HAVE to realize I was going cold-turkey on women!:p)

  • THUMBS DOWN - MASSIVE TURTLE POWER! Look ^^! :stuck_out_tongue:

  • THUMBS UP - To De’; He put JW in 3s losers’ bracket with his patient Urien; THEN JW beat De’ 2-1, 2-0 in the Grand Finals… Props go out to you, though! You put up a great fight! Even though it was SOOOOOO LOOOOONNNNGG…:cool:

  • THUMBS DOWN - Daylights’ Savings Time! GGGGGRRRRRR…:mad:

  • THUMBS DOWN - To Chang; for shame! showing up 30 minutes until closing!:stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, GG’s to all; and cya.