4/4 3S ranking battle results

this ranking battle was a huge success, pulling in 26 players! that’s 10 more than last week!

1.) exodus [ke]
2.) cruise [ur]
3.) chi-rithy [ch]
4.) brit-brit [ke]
5.) shodokan [yu]
5.) kickassguy123 [ke]

current standings:

  1. exodus - 22.5 + 28 = 50.5
  2. chi-rithy - 17.5 + 18 = 35.5
  3. cruise - 23
  4. brit-brit - 15
  5. shodokan - 13.5
  6. kickassguy123 - 13.5
  7. nica ko - 12.5
  8. sensifield - 9.5
  9. bars n hooks - 8
  10. mariodood - 8

full brackets: http://www.bracketmaker.com/tmenu.cfm?tid=271530

if you would like to request a replay, please ask here. i will have my replay w/ cruise up sometime…frequent freezes against chi-rithy in losers finals killed the replays, and he forfeited.

GGs to all those I played, especially kickassguy/devilznight211/dante. That last match of ours was down to the wire but you deserved the win! Way to kick me out of top 5 haha.

wow some good stuff this tournament im mad i couldnt enter…yo exo you should have another one soon…if the turn out is like this again i would love to join…some strong players, new faces, and old goodies too…ill hope to show up to the next one

damn, always knew cruise was good, didn’t think he’d do that well

wow at shodokan coming back to 3s so quick :rofl:

3s is crack

I’d like to get the replays, if possible. Let me know how.

I think there should be a seperate ranbat for EC and WC.

i’ve personally played probably every single player from the west coast, and even spectre, who’s wayyyy up west in BC CA. the worst i’ve got was about 120 ping, which was 4 frames per second. granted, the delay is noticable, it was still definitely playable. obviously i can’t force people to play in 4 frame delay, but i think that it would strengthen people’s game if they actually put effort into adapting. there are SO MANY DIFFERENT aspects of the game, that i KNOW that putting the blame on “lag” isn’t actually the only reason people lose.

yes, i’ll be perfectly blunt. as long as the connection is smooth and not jerky, and you’re complaining about lag, you’re a damned scrub who puts the blame on lag for your losses. we’ve been given such a great opportunity for the 3S community. ONLINE 3S (that was better than xbox live)? that was IMPOSSIBLE 1 year ago. i lose to people online all the time. it’s not because of the lag.

stop being bad sports. fucking suck it up and get better, or don’t play at all. how disrespectful do you think it is to the OTHER player, when they win and you fucking cry about lag? they’re playing in the same conditions/environment as you are. grow the fuck up.

(this wasn’t only directed at you rage, but you bet your ass i’m talking about your post also)

If you were paying attention in the chat room you’ll notice that I mentioned something about the lagg even when I “won”. If I win or loose thats not what makes me complain about the lag. Its not that you can’t adapt to the lagg. Its why would you want to. Offline the timeing dosent change, its always consistent. Online connections vary from player to player. I played 2 people with the same ping (60+) and 1 connection felt smoother then the other. Then you have lagg spikes to mix it all up. Some people can’t adjust within a best out 3 matches. Why should they have to? Once again relize where talking about 100+. Its not like where talking about 50 ping. As you said there is a 4 frame delay.Technically yea that can make you better, but who enters a tourney to practise timeing?Timeing that you wouldnt even use offline. Gain experience yes. All of this wouldnt matter if these were casuals,but its a tourney. People can’t help but be competitive.

Should I request specific replays or is there a replay pack? Just wanted to be clear. There are a lot of exciting matches in this one… I am interested in the finals, and the Oro and Q matches, among many others.

Winners finals (2 parts)


i’ve asked players to record their finals, so i’m sure nataku will post him vs cruise when he gets the chance. i can only record matches i played in, and since i auto-record, i have to sort the replays out so it takes a bit. either way, here they are…

losers semis:
exodus vs britbrit

losers finals:
exodus vs chi-rithy (broken into 3 parts, set did not complete due to forfeit)

grand finals:
exodus vs cruise

Great stuff. Thanks to both of you.

re-direct lag discussion to this thread:

Breaking into that top 3 is gonna be a task.

Someone wanna help me get better and not miss so many confirms :lol:. I don’t have much time, and I’m usually only free at night. If you want to be my human practice mode, please let me knooow.

Watching that video, I can see it’s just more stuff I need to experience.

Urien making it to grandfinals is sick…

edit: fixed the point ranking system to cater to more players and skew based off of attendance.

Get rid of that 1 character rule

You know the only reason I ever lose at all is because of lag,

exo: Put my points for 2nd place in you cheater!!

For the last time god dammit MY NAME IS NOT MARIODOOG!!