4/4 3S ranking battle results

You know the only reason you were in grand finals is because of lag.

You know how they use to say Tyson would win 80% of his fights just by the intimidation of him walking into the ring. Well I win 80% of my matches just by the intimidation of having to play on my bad connection :badboy:

No fair! If I knew that 5th place got points I would have tried harder against Dante! :stuck_out_tongue:

wasn’t ran by me! DOESN’T COUNT!

good shit exooo.

Lol, I had to rush it so I can make it to go clubbing ;P. No excuse, good play Exo-tech :wink:

all good bro - i could tell you were rushing so it was all in good fun - clubbing’s a bore! but i understand…how can you pass up on free sushi? good shit sir.

When’s the next one exo?

Hater, i’m gonna beat you this weekend and forfeit right after :arazz:

got my internet, whens the next 1?

hahaha aww dangg wassup good match man good match , it was really close huh could have been any one of us that could have tooken that match haha

next ranking battle: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=153720