4/4 Chicago Nickel City Bi-weekly Ranbat Results


Thanks to everyone that came out and helped make everything run smooth! Hope you all had a good time! The next one will be on 4/25 as i will not be in town to run it the weekend of 4/17

Street Fighter 4 (32 people)

  1. Ari “fLoE” Weintraub (Rufus)
  2. Douglas Ward (Sagat)
  3. Tony Dfly (Zangief,Rufus,Ryu)
  4. Roberto (Sagat)
  5. Slevin (Honda)
  6. SpriganX (Akuma)
  7. KingOfBums (Abel)
  8. Domingo (Ryu)

Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike (16 people)

  1. Ari “fLoE” Weintraub (Yang)
  2. Jose “Part2” DELACRUZ (Ibuki,Ken)
  3. John L (Ibuki)
  4. Marcus (Q)

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 (16 people)

  1. Derek “DerekLearnSlow” (MSS?)
  2. Rashad “Old Man” Miller (Scrub)
  3. Gabe
  4. Marcus

Current Street Fighter 4 RanBat standings:

  1. fLoE - 16 points
  2. Douglas - 7 points
  3. GLB - 5 points
  4. Tony D - 4 points
  5. Meta - 4 points
  6. Roberto - 3 points
  7. Humbag - 3 points
  8. Slevin - 2 points
  9. SpriganX - 2 points
  10. Keits - 2 points
  11. Domingo - 1 point
  12. King Of Bums - 1 point
  13. MadBooFace - 1 point
  14. Dennis - 1 point


Good games to everyone I played tonight in tournament and casual:

Dan C., Marcus, Roberto, Jose, and Tony.



good stuff to the placers

wish i coulda came


gj, wished the next one was on the 17th, but gl to those that go on the 25th.


Good shit guys!

I dont see JustOwnins name anywhere? im pretty sure he said he was gonna win this? did he at least win munchkin?

GOOD shit douglas

Good shit Roberto

Great Shit Slevin!!! get em!


JustOwnin showed up late and wasn’t a part of the tourney.

As far as Munchkin goes, we held 2 games. He won the first, and then SR-X won the second. However, I dictated the results of that game so hard. Without me, he probably would have won again.

Also yes I’m kind of a pompous dick about that game, but I was on fire:looney:


I remember Douglas…that guy used to go to the old SF tournaments and pressed RH kick to anti air with Ryu in SF3 and 2nd Impact!


Good shit to all finishers.

Ari, where’s my bro in the SFIV rankings?


GGs to everyone I played, I had fun.


Funny. That’s exactly how he won against Tony D, except with Sagat. :rofl:

I wish I recorded it.


GGz. Lost to Rufus with my Ken on the 3rd round, I still have a lot improvement and practices waiting ahead of me.





Hogsha: some of the people I talked to who were at the one last year that I talked to at the tournament are coming up to the one this year


I’m still trying to figure out if I can come to this or not.

Also, GG’s to everyone I played. I hate Blackheart! Also, someone please fix that Marvel cab that only had the basic set of characters! Cable/Doom/Commando was a bit weird for me. Ari, I saw you tried, but it didn’t seem like you changed any of the settings when I watched.

Ownin, get there on time next time!

Could you dictate other people to run it for you so we can keep the same schedule/not collide with DBQ BBQ?


I agree, after all it is a ranbat.


ari sucks!noel>ari =) <3