4/4 SOVA Ranbats: I See What You Did There

Wow, what an epic ranbat we had tonight. Largest turnout yet. We had 38 in attendance and 33 participate in the ranbat. I have direct captured videos of the top 8. We also had an awesome set up for the top 8. We used two TVs and split the signal between the two. It was almost as if you were at a Japanese tourney. You’re going to love the grand finals as we witnessed…well I won’t spoil it for you. You’ll just have to watch the video when I post it. Without further delay, here are your results.

1: Ryry ($66.00) (15 pts) - Dhalsim, Sagat, Ryu, Seth
2: 10X (12 pts) - Dhalsim
3: Joe S (9 pts) - Sagat
4: K1 Sauce (6 pts) - Bison
5: Blackula (3 pts) - Sagat
5: Mr 720 (3 pts) - Zangief
7: Foomy (2 pts) - Vega, Zangief, Akuma
7: Joe E (2 pts) - Ryu

(All have 1 pt)
9: C Dot - Ryu
9: RanDumbCat - Balrog
9: Kitsune King - Balrog
9: Aleri - Balrog
13: DBC - Cammy
13: SeanMiyagi - Ryu, Balrog, Abel
13: Winback - Guile
13: Styles - Balrog
17: Oh-No - Rufus
17: Aries - Blanka
17: Eric J - El Fuerte
17: J3W - Blanka
17: OJ4 - Ryu, Chun Li
17: Green Eggs and Kam - Zangief
17: Unknown Enemy Zero - Chun Li
17: Jae Mito - Bison
25: DSinnie - Blanka
25: Black Dan - Rose
25: Sen - Abel
25: LV - Ken
25: Chelsie - Sakura
25: AimForTheFeet - Zangief
25: Titan - Akuma
25: Babypuncher - Sagat
33: Wiki P - Akuma

New Point Totals

  1. Ryry - 42 pts

  2. Joe S. - 26 pts

  3. K1 Sauce - 19 pts

  4. 10x - 12 pts

  5. Winback - 10 pts

  6. SMP - 9 pts

  7. Jay in VA - 9 pts

  8. Foomy 9 - pts

  9. Blackula - 8 pts

  10. Kitsune King - 5 pts

  11. Aleri - 5 pts

  12. Joe E - 4 pts

  13. Mr 720 - 4 pts

    • 3 pts
      Sean Miyagi
      Unknown Enemy Zero
      Jae Mito
      Green Eggs and Kam
    • 2 pts
      Bad Lt.
      C Dot
      Wiki P.
    • 1 pt
      Mr. Feature Match
      Eric J.
      Black Dan

damn. i woulda won this one too. gs guys. vids sound hot.


man this was the hypest ranbat to date. good shit to the top 8. very good matches

kitsuneking: your balrog is good. :sweat:
Cheslie: flowchart ken all day scares me
joe e: soild ryu but watch out for that geif!
joe s: i really would like to get some casuals in with that sagat. i need to learn more sagat
kevman and mr 720: you guys patient level is too good
ryry: so clutch
10x: good stuff

everyone is leveling up! i like that shit! :lovin:

ggs to everyone who supported this:rock:

i entered this ranbat seeing if my ryu was good enough…and it wasnt. its showed big time. i guess its back to sagat and chun for now.:sweat:

holy shit this ranbat was amazing. i had a lot of fun and the setup was soooo great.

ryry- the dhalsim is sooooo ninja

10x- way to hold it down with your sim. i’ll find a way to get in >:D

joe e- next time… i wont lose to tick throws. good shit man… i think that’s my biggest problem so i’m gonna work on that shit hardcore

Aleri- Balrog Army son! start rush punching more and apply pressure.

ollie- find a main bro and stick with it! boo sagat i boo you

seanmiyagi- mm i’ll have to admit, i was a lil scared after you ultra’d me that first round. hurry and get the game!

Uncle Black- thanks for hosting and good shit on top 5. the split screen setup was too good. the only gripe i had was that it kinda started late. :frowning: i think we should make an exact time to start so we can get things rolling and do top 8 as early as possible. SoVa ranbats > C3 wooooooooooo

!A- merry xmas nigggaaaaa!!!

damn. wish i’d have been able to make this one.

wow…diddn’t see that one coming Rich

Good shit fellas! All of you, This ranbat was fuckin ELITE!!!

Seriously SOVA HYPE>West coast hype

My blanka will be ready next time, still got alot to learn, but if i see openings ima NUMNUM the shit outta all yall.

J3W - Fuck everyone else man, if you win you win, do what you do boss, and lets get that blanka solid

Winback - FAN FAVORITE nuff said

All of !ALERT - I want all of your numbers for some IMMEDIATE PRACTICE…and im not fuckin kidding, you are ELITE

Enemy - Dont give up on the game yet dawg

Foomy - if you leave one more damn time without sayin peace nugga, ima headbite ya ass


Babypuncher - DONT i repeat DONT pick up marvel EVER its for your own good and sanity (but you better give that chic a ring lol)

O-NO - Pick bison, and that boss ass costume and rape son

LV - no disrespect man but learn to take a loss dawg, dont smack the kids hand away, sportsmanship … get some

to everyone else i forgot gooood shit!

!A fam - takin it to another level!

10x - solid sim, im gonna try to learn more about the matchup =[

ryry - i didn’t get to see the comeback… but GS!

blackula - GS on running the tournaments, set up, brackets, everything. def. stepped your game up.

ollie - we’ll play next time… i’m not even sure if we even played before lol

and to everyone else, see you guys next time.

Finally my shout out.

J3W - you surprised me in our match. You made me work for my victory. When I saw that I had you first round, I’ll be honest. I thought that it was going to be an easy victory. You have reminded me of some disregarded knowledge: Don’t take your opponents lightly. Great match.

Joe E - we also had a pretty good match. Very close. I hate the close ones. Good job on placing top 8 and giving me a run for my money.

Joe S - we meet again and once again you win. I’ll get you yet. I’m just glad I didn’t have to face you in the first round like I did last ranbat. You won 2-0 but our matches were close. Especially when I hit you with an EX Tiger shot at the end of that match and somehow you won.

RanDumbCat - Once again, close matches. It could have gone either way. It was great playing you.

Foomy - Wow, that was a close match. Wasn’t too familiar with the Vega match up because I had only played against a Vega once and that was yours. But I must ask you this? Why did you use Zangief against me that first match? I would have figured you would have maybe used Rose. All in all, we had great matches.

Ryry - so close, but yet so far. There is always next time. Great job in winning the ranbat and increasing your lead on the pack. You are truly the comeback kid.

10x - There was no way I could allow you to come over on an ranbat night and not participate in it. The $2 was no problem man. I just wanted you to be in it since you missed the last two ranbats. I was rooting for you man. It was right there within your each for the taking. Maybe next time though bro. That match was one of the best matches I’ve seen in a long time. Good job on getting second and passing up the lot of us in the ranbat rankings.

I’m glad that everyone enjoyed the ranbat. Once again, thanks to everyone for making this ranbat the best and most EPIC ranbat thus far. SOVA is going places!

awesome ranbat.

10x - i didnt recognize you at first. you beat my ass 2 years ago at my 3s bbq and you beat my ass last night. your dhalsim is frustratingly elite.

Foomy - advice is always welcome. appreciate it. it actually helped in my matches after that

Blackula AKA CC - gah! ill get you next time gadget! close games though. i need to learn how to use TAP better. i kept letting it go at the wrong time. especially when you missed those 2 uppercuts i did a wiff TAP! WTF?!

SeanMiyagi - GET THE GAME!!!

Prince Charming - good set. it feels so wrong that guiles flash kick AND ultra can trade.

If there is one in another 2 weeks I will be there to train up for the next c3 and i’m about to take ryry’s fight money

Next ranbat will be the 18th.

Good games last night, everyone.

Blackula - I had a good time last night. It was the first ranbat I’ve been to, so it was good to see experience the hype first-hand. 33 entrants is such an amazing turnout.

10x - Your Sim is so strong. I really need to learn that matchup, because I have no clue how to get in. I’m going to try to use those tips you gave me next time.

Winback - Nice to finally meet you. I would’ve liked to have gotten a chance to play your Guile, because I struggle against him so much. We should get some matches on psn sometime.

Foomy & Mr. 720 - The Gief Grief was just too strong. I won’t rest until I figure that matchup out.

ariez - That was good stuff when you came over and started coaching J3W. I could tell that it definitely helped him loosen up some. Respect.

Jae Mito - Good matches and thanks for the treat. Cannon Spike is just too gdlk. Surprised me when it kept beating ex stomp. If you ever want to play or just sit down with the game in training mode to practice combos and stuff, you can come over whenever I’m not in class.

Titan - Nice talkin’ to you again, my Venom bretheren. You’re pretty good at landing those demons. If you play on psn at all, add me sir.

Jamie - thanks for the ride, once again. Let us know how the grappling went. Oh, and I’m down for movies, depending on what day you’re doing it, because Wednesday, I have to prepare for a Stat test on Thursday morning.

Kam - I’ve been hearing so much about you, and I finally got to meet you. It is such a shame that there wasn’t a GG setup there. I haven’t played AC since C3 last month. I don’t think anyone’s going to hate you for playing Arakune, but I guess only time will tell. I’ve seen him completely zone out a Carl, which is scary.

SeanMiyagi - it was good talking and chillin’ with you. I can’t wait to see that Viper once you get time to actually play and learn her stuff. Whenever you want to play some more on #R online, let me know. Also, I talk to some of the regulars regularly (they usually only get on if someone asks), so if you ever want to play any of them, I can ask them for you.

Dsinnie - Blanka sux

1stincommand - it’s unfortunate you couldn’t make it out to the ranbat, so I had to go solo. I tried my best to defend the Cavalry in your absence.

Also, I didn’t catch your name, but you asked me who I was over by the bigscreen. Thanks for the props on my Cammy. I wish we could’ve gotten a chance to play.

Okay, time for shout ou----


I’ll Be there blakula…I can already smell my fight money like a fart in a car

direct feed vids are up: http://www.youtube.com/iLoveMeSomeSOVA

10x yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah


Playlist for the ranbat. Includes the second set of the grand finals with crowd and interview stupidity.

GS everyone. ill be ready next time. :karate:

I apologize if that’s what it seemed to anyone that saw, like areiz was saying that I “smacked his hand away”, that’s not what it was at all…I ADMIT I’M A SOUR LOSER, especially when I feel I worked so hard for something and the effort didn’t pay off…I got over it…he won fair and square…to J3W I apologize if I offended you in that way with that action…that loss just showed me I got alot to learn with that match up as well as tournament mentality and patience…I feel I progress better technically in the game rather then mentality so I thank you for the help in making me realize that haha…and you forced me to bring it harder next time. I’m repping !A like all my fellas are doing good games to my team as well as everyone we went…!A WE IN THE BUILDING!!! we taking off, the skys the limit “Lets get the money” - Joe S.

PS:jason i know you read this shit like everyday…wheres my avatar at haha :mad:

…and also prolly the only time I’ll ever post haha just had to get that out there so no one thought I was a asshole…

i’ll post it later