4/5 MvC2 Portland Results


**Portland (Lloyd Center Tilt) MvC2 results 4/5

1st: Jackson Chen - Sentinel/Cable/Commando
2nd: Eric “StiltMan” Foley - Cable/Sentinel/Commando, Sentinel-A/Cable/BH, Sentinel/Cable-A/Cammy
3rd: Brian Jiang - Sentinel/Cable/Commando**
4th: Mike “mikeeb0i” Garcia - Storm/Cable/Sent-A, Storm/Sent/Cyclops
5th: Phongsack “laos_ninja” Vongsoury - Magneto/Sent/Cable, Mag/Cable/Cammy
5th: Preston “Shadowblade” Eng - Sentinel/Cable/Commando, Sent-A/Cable/BH

Individual match results from winners’ semis on:

Winners’ semifinals

Stilt over Jackson 3-0
Brian J over mikeeb0i 3-2

Losers’ quarterfinals

Jackson over Preston 2-1
mikeeb0i over Phongsack 2-1

*Losers’ semifinals *

Jackson over mikeeb0i 3-1

Winners’ finals

Stilt over Brian J 3-1

Losers’ finals

Jackson over Brian J 3-0

Grand finals

Jackson over Stilt 4-1, 4-0 (Yes, I’m a little bit miffed that the turnaround from our winners’ bracket match was this bad… :bluu: )


20 people in all, very competitive tournament that was hard fought all the way. In fact, I’d venture to say that this was one of the best Portland tourneys in quite a while… only thing missing was the Springfield peeps. :wink:

I would like to thank mikeeb0i for coming to the area and participating in this tournament. I enjoyed playing you. Having a player from this far out of town added something to this… it’s always fun to watch somebody with a completely different perspective and style to the game. Let us know if you’re ever in the area again.


Okay, here’s the novel form. Cody asked for it. :smiley:

A bit of last-minute decision as to how I was going to seed the brackets. I was originally figuring before the tournaments that I’d see Jackson-Brian-me in the usual fashion and then seed mikeeb0i so that he’d get to play all three of us if he made it to the winners’ final. Then I saw the guy actually play in the days leading up to the tournament and though… “Nah, this guy’s too good to weigh down one half of the brackets heavily enough by putting three of the four of us all over there.” So I stuck him in as one of the seeds. Oh yeah, and I decided I was tired of playing Brian J every semifinal so I put myself over on Jackson’s half of the bracket this time, with mikeeb0i over with Brian. On a judgment call, I stuck Preston on the other half.

This left Phongsack and Antoine coming out of the hat, and wouldn’t you know it but they landed in first round matches with Jackson and myself, respectively. Phongsack didn’t care for that, of course… sorry, dude, I was sort of wincing at that when I saw the name come out myself. Antoine messed up my Sent-A/Cable/BH, which convinced me that it’s about time to relegate that team to the bullpen for this tourney, but I survived the round anyway. Mike beat Preston to ultimately justify my faith in the top four seeds I settled with in the semi-finals.

The weird part of the tournament… the turnaround in matchups between myself and Jackson in the winners’ semis and the grand finals. Close games all, but the final score in our first match is still Stilt 3, Jackson 0 in the Team Scrub mirror match with me starting Cable on his Sentinel each game. Not necessarily caring too badly who comes out of the other semifinal, I still had an itch to root for mikeeb0i because I wanted to get a chance to play him, but Brian J pulls off the 5th deciding game to set it up with me. No huge secret… if there’s a guy I’m really gunning for in any given Portland tournament, that I most want to beat, it’s Brian J.

Winners’ final with Brian J and myself. First game, the Team Scrub mirror match goes to me. Second game, he decides that if I’ve torn up Jackson’s Team Scrub three times and now his once, maybe he doesn’t want to stick with it… so he pulls my own old trick out of the bag and squishes me with Cable/BH/Commando. Third game, out comes the ol’ Sent-A/Cable/BH to deal with that, which it does. Fourth game, Brian seems to have forgotten that I originally put that team together fourteen or so months ago specifically for the purpose of killing Cable/BH/Commando, and he stays with the same team to even worse effect than the first time.

So here we go. I’m in the winners’ final, I’ve already torn both Jackson and Brian J a new one, so I figure, hey I’m sitting pretty. NOT! Once again, I squander a winners’ bracket advantage in a grand finals by falling asleep at the switch and get stomped. Couldn’t do anything right at all… I just sucked bad from the get-go and went downhill from there. Stupidly, the only game I won out of either set probably came from me going to Cable/BH/Commando when I was down 3-0 instead of waiting until the second set when it could’ve cut me a lead instead of giving Jackson plenty of extra games to adapt to it.

Highlight lines from the tournament:

“Of course I’m not sticking you in the same half of the bracket with Jackson, I don’t want you tearing up my bracket sheet again!” – Stilt, to Brian J before the tournament

“You play like Eric!” – Brian B, to Brian J when he’s turtling with a Cable-starting Team Scrub

“Ohhhhh, now that’s an insult!” – Stilt in response to the previous remark, even as Brian J is exhibiting outrage at the comparison right before he suddenly turns up the aggression in-game

“I like this bracket!” – Brian J, seeing that he won’t have to play either Stilt or Jackson until the winners’ final

Probably a bunch more than that, but those were the ones that were amusing enough to me personally that stuck out in my mind. Particularly the “You play like Eric” remark.


cool writeup stiltmanian
r u coming to SC tourney 4/26? u should


Thanks… I plan to come, yeah. Only other tourney out there is Kennewick that day, and maybe I’d think a little harder about the choice if they had more than six people showing up to the things these days. The way that goes, even if it were just for APEX points I could still probably get more at Southcenter by hitting the top five again than I would by winning Kennewick outright.

Besides, you know I want a rematch. :smiley:


that’s right!!! i want a rematch with your sent/cable/cammy :o
maybe, it was a bad idea picking sent/cable/BH against your cammy assist :depress:
hope to play you again.


Up and Stilt first round?! LETS SEE THIS!!!


I want to see this, MATTER OF FACT I’LL PAY TO SEE THIS…(5.00 entry fee of course):evil:


sure!!! if you guys agree to do this.
Issariya vs stiltman 1st round
kuaneasy vs Rat 2nd round
Hustleman vs Rowtron 3rd round


Iam down!!!


im down if rats down…
so i guess if rats down
then it all comes down to stiltmanian


bring jackson chen too. i want to see jason vs jackson.



does Jason own Jackson?


that is good question .we do not know till we see with our own eyes. it would be a good match.
here are some matches i wanna see.
kuan vs jackson chen
kuan vs rat
tao xie vs jackson
tao xie vs row
me vs jackson and tao (probably get ass whooping)