4/5 NYC Cybertron Tourney results


**Due to the fact that DragonStatus was sick cause of his Kidney problems, we missed the CTF tourney & so we decided to throw a random tourney…

Marvel vs. Capcom 2:

  1. Javier Chorrillos “Khameleon” - Storm/Cable/Ironman
  2. Michael Williams “Infinite” - Magneto/Cable/Sentinel & Magneto/Storm/Sentinel
  3. Lincoln Morris “DragonStatus” - MSP, Magneto/Cable/Ironman
  4. Jack Teng “Stezo_1” - Magneto/Cable/Ironman

Thanxz to Lincoln for giving me a new team. :slight_smile:

3rd Strike:

  1. Javier Chorrillos “Khameleon” - Ken
  2. Michael Williams “Infinite” - Ken, Chun Li aka Rachel
  3. Jack Teng “Stezo_1” - Hugo!!! yun
  4. Lincoln Morris “DragonStatus” - Ken, Remy

Super Turbo:

  1. Javier Chorrillos “Khameleon” - Blanka
  2. Michael Williams “Infinite” - Vega with Claw
  3. Jack Teng “Stezo_1” - Blanka, Guile
  4. Ricardo C. “Desperado” - Chun Li

Alpha 3:

  1. Lincoln Morris “DragonStatus” - Ryu
  2. Javier Chorrillos “Khameleon” - Ken
  3. Jack Teng “Stezo_1” - Ryu
  4. Michael Williams “Infinite” - Rose


JUST when i cannot show yall throw a tourney! crude :bluu: ! O well yall lucky I didnt come and own yall in something ( well probably not…) but o well see u guys a cf cause now i gots $:)
dragonstatus my rival, well seriously i hope u feel better and you will get better :wink: then when you heal then i can own u up heh :lol: and own up the rest of you guys… hopefully




Don’t people know that Megatron is Galvatron.
I’m still improving, then eventually i’ll become galvatron. lol
im :lame: but especially tired since i didnt sleep much this weekend.


you obviously need to catch up on your transformers trivia. megatron was turned into galvatron by unicron but he gave him a new body and a new name and even galvatron talked about megatron in 3rd person. ha-HA!




kool megatron almost swept… damn went to CF tourny but got cancel Sigh


Actually, in the COMIC BOOK…
is shot