4/7/2007 - Hawaiian Brians MVC2

16 man, Double Elimination

1st: Dubs: MSS, MSCyke
2nd: T-Spice: MSCyke
3rd: Toby: MSP, Storm/Cable/Doom
4th: DaggerG: Sent/Strider/Doom
5th: Royce: MSP
5th: Kzero15: MSS (Drones), Storm/Sent/Tron
7th: Golden Nismor: SSCapcom (Commando on point)
7th: Robzilla: MSCyke, SSCapcom

Great turnout! Let’s do this again soon.


Is it possible to post the complete results?:rofl: If not, then it is fine.

Anyway, thank you for hosting it – you did a wonderful job^_^


commando on point? good shit

Commando on point was hilarious. Props to everyone who was there even though I didn’t enter the tournament. I’m definitely going to enter the next one though.