4/7 Midwest Cirque Monthlies

Tekken 5 : DR

1st - The FOUNDER (Eddy, Jack)
2nd - Machinez (Baek)
3rd - MR PIMPS (Nina, Baek)
4th - Krazy Korean (Hwoarang, Paul)
5th - AxioM (Law, Eddy)
5th - MrImprimis (Baek, Marduk)

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike

1st - Chachi (Ken, Chun-Li, Elena)
2nd - AxioM (Ryu, Elena)
3rd - Boxbrosg (Chun-Li)

Guilty Gear X2

1st - Cable
2nd - Chachi

The turnout was not good. So many last minute no shows, combined with alot of people bailing over the course of the last week, made it so I ran this tournament at a loss. Around half the people that were said to come, came.

To those who did, thank you. Extra thanks to OK, who drove all the way out here, played extremely well, only to go home with chump change thanks to a piss poor turnout. I’m sorry on behalf of our scene out here that happened.

Great games, I’ll consider another one.

Good games to everyone I played. I kinda want to learn Tekken now, if only to figure out how to make some crazy costumes.

Grandview crew: We ended up playing 3S on PS2 on a standard TV. Like I said before, all that lag you guys were complaining about was a result of playing it with the Sixaxis wireless controllers on a DLP, which results in (at least from my experience) an Xbox Live-like experience. Obviously Axiom didn’t want to make the same mistake JC Media did, but he didn’t want to play on Xbox pads either. If you pushed him hard enough, he probably would have ran the tourney on Xbox anyway to accomodate you guys. I will look for some Xbox-to-PS2 adapters for you guys so everybody will be happy for the next tourney.

I want to have a casuals gathering so everybody can learn some shit from everyone else, since I guess I want to get better at everything, and I’m sure everyone else does too…

yea man that’s all well and good, but we weren’t complaining about the lag or w/e, just the pads. so yea, if we have converters next time and more of a turn out it should be great. ummm about the casuals gathering i don’t know where we would have it at but you can be sure me and mugen and probably mike would be down. axiom u need to have another one with at least a great turnout sparked by more time to get everything together and a better setup. all the people that went to columbia that day would drive to kc and play 3rd strike. that’s alot of ppl. just need to make it not on another tournaments day. but those are just suggestions…


Found an adapter for you guys. Not sure if you can buy it off the site, but I’m sure you could find one on Amazon or ebay…

Chris Mishima made a post complaining about how I ran this tournament, so I’ll copy and paste the message I gave in reply to him, explaining why things didn’t go as smooth as they could have.

"I wasn’t late because I wanted to be. Extenuating circumstances happened, and I didn’t exactly have anyones phone numbers to call so I could say “hey, something came up, we’ll be late” we got there as fast as we could, and I’m sorry about that.

As far as the actual minor tournaments are concerned, I don’t blame those guys for being angry, I was too. Alot of the people who were supposed to be there, didn’t show up, and when asked before we even left to go get food how the tourney would be run I said “Tournament standard is to play 3rd Strike on the PS2, but I can accomodate depending on the demand”. The 6 people who did enter 3rd strike in the end, wanted to do it on PS2, the 3 who left, wanted Xbox, so I chose to do it on PS2. The time frame of the tournament ended up being out of whack because I was trying to give a bit of leeway in case anyone else who wanted to show up, could, but people who said even that day to me they were coming, didn’t. It was just a really bad deal for everyone. On top of that, no one stepped up to help me run 3rd Strike, or Guilty, which I mentioned I’d need help on, since I’d be preoccupied doing DR, so I ended up having to run everything one after another.

The reason we left to get food, was because we were all in a rush to get there and no one who came in my car had time to eat that morning, that goes back to those ‘extenuating circumstances’ and we just wanted to get there ASAP, and let people know “hey, we’re here.” before we went to eat.

I chose to run DR first because OK, who had come the farthest, was there strictly for DR, and alot of the people who were playing DR, were going to make up the minor tourney brackets, so I went with the game that had the highest priority first.

On another note, I didn’t even collect venue fee entry money from the guys who left. Next time (if there is one) will be better. About the entry fee money being collected even from the people who brought stuff, I hope you understand. I ran the tournament at a 30 dollar loss already. If I had collected no venue money from all the people who brought things, I’d have been down much more. That extra venue money that was missing would have also beefed up the prize pots alot more, which is what I had hoped for."

To those of you who came, thank you. I’ll do my best to accomodate the needs of the majority in the future. I tried to make it so everyone was happy with the way we ran things, but I have to go with what the majority wants. In this case, our brackets were made up of mostly Tekken players, so of course they’d want to play on Sony pads.

Drew - You’re a beast at the 2D’s man. It was great playing with you. You should play Tekken with our crew, and in return, I can bet you you’ll be gaining at least 3-4 new additions to the 2D games (Guilty, 3rd Strike) scene, as well. I’d love to be more competitive at those games, given the chance. And you have Tekken potential, from what I can see. You have good movement, despite not ever playing the game, and that’s a great start.

Till next time.

I apologize for not taking initiative on helping with running the 2D tourneys. I think only having 3 TVs threw things off (4 if you included the Wii TV). I wasn’t sure if we were going to do traditional tourney style or round-robin due to the small turnout and lack of time.

Next month, I will bring my own TV (27" tube), and we can run the 2D fighters on one side of the room, 3Ds on the other side. Since it’s a smaller room (I’m assuming we will be using the same place since it’s a good deal with easy access from 70), running back and forth shouldn’t be a problem.

Axiom, you should have my number (sent via PM), so if you hit a snag, I’ll be a little easier to get a hold of…

you wouldn’t have asked us for venue fees seeing as we didn’t even play. next time post which system the games are going to be on.

i know your new to the tournament scene, but in 99% console 3s tournaments are always going to be on ps2, its probably taken for granted by now though.

edit: gs on the win chachi. level that shit up~

They do not make Xbox to PS2 converters. Only PS2 to Xbox.

So I guess the link I posted above was bullshit then.