4/8/04 MVC2 and CVS2 @ The Break Results!

i don’t know much about mvc2 i was running cvs2 so maybe someone else can fill in the teams

mvc2: 25 people

  1. desmond
  2. brandon
  3. erik (he said to mention he came from first round in the losers bracket, what son whaT)
  4. infinite - Team JWong
    5a. bryheem
    5b. josh

cvs2: 16 people (capped)

  1. Josh Wong - C Rolento/??/Sagat, K rock/Geese/Sagat, ANYTHING TO COUNTER ME :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. Robert Sigley - K Terry/Raiden/Blanka, K Kyo/Yamazaki/Ken
  3. Alex Anderson - A Sagat or Vega/Sakura/Bison
  4. Bryheem Keys - K Bison/Sagat/Cammy
    5b. Oscar
    5b. Eddie
    Winner finals was 2-1 Josh over me
    Grand finals was 2-0 Josh over me

Damn people be blocking Blanka’s random crossup like it’s nothing I see how it is =(

first match of the winner finals josh rapes me with rolento, then i rape him with raiden, then he rapes me with geese =(

Next week will be CVS2 AND MVC2, the pot will be split between the two (instead of 90% MVC2 and measly $10 for CVS2)

Wow mad props to NY and Philly for coming out!!

If anyone wants to come; Saturday night during ECC bunch of us are going to Atlantic City, post up if you wanna come

Peeps be liking that K-groove in jersey eh?


Teams for Mvc2

1.Xecutioner- Sent/storm/cyc and Team Row

  1. Demon Hyo- Mag/storm/sent and Msp

  2. Erik- Team Row, Msp, and Sent/storm/cyc

  3. Infinite - Team Row

5a. Bryheem- Sent/cable/zangief and Blackheart/cable/tron

5b. Josh Wong- Sent/cable/guile and Santhrax

For now on, please put my srk name in the rankings instead of my real name.

It feels good to be back.

Damn sounds like I should have gone this week. It figures I always go when theres like 8 people at the break, then when I decide not to go mad people show up.:frowning:

good job.:slight_smile:

thanks for posting and covering cvs2 rob!

also, oscar got 5th in cvs2.
break representtin :slight_smile:

i’ll be putting an extra $20 or so into the total pot next week, so people can walk away with some decent gas money :smiley:

cvs2 will still be a quarter for that tournament too.
(i’m also going to bring the camera to document the bryheem/desmond grudge… i shall call it: hunger to insanity :lol: )

oh yeah, thanks to everyone who came out.
even though i was hella tired then and even now, i had a lot of fun.

brandon, i want to see ironman back in action by ecc :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

it’s ok i mean josh wong and i are the original K Groove since day 1 people, but a lot of people i didn’t know what groove they used so i just put Kcause i was running back and forth between MVC2 and CVS2

whoops sorry i know orville was playing a bunch of matches in a row so i thought he did my bad :smiley:

yea i was even gonna put your name in the bracket but then i was like i’ll wait for him to show then no :frowning: It’s ok CVS2 next week, then we should play UMK3 sometime seriously none of that kaillera BS have to do it in person

What? gief??? lol.

Sorry I couldn’t make it yesterday but I had things to take care of first.

I’ll be there definite next week. Peace.

I agree with you Phi, I think it’s just about time for my Ironguy to get back in action. :smiley:


SAME with me :mad:

go storm/sent/cyke its my favorite team!!

I’ll try and be there, though I suck at cvs2. I’m always down for some umk3! Speaking of umk3… Phi when the hell is that cabinet gonna be at the break? I gotta get some practice on an arcade so I can represent at ecc:evil: I’m getting to used to the thrustmaster.:lol: Oh yeah rob I gotta send you a couple links to some of the umk3 threads on this here srk shit. I figure if we start talking mad shit then I can get a good turnout for ecc in umk3:lol: