4/8/04 Ny Hyper Anniversary results!


Im soooo tipsy!!

This was a cool ass tourney nearly 45-50 ppl watching ST in a mini movie theater,yes a mini movie theater on a huge projection screen.The tournament was a really good turnout.Im kind drunk…actually I am drunk because after every match you win you get a shot of whisky and basically…Byyyyyyyps!!:lol:
Flash lost because of a request I made.I demanded to see 720 T.Hawk super and…oops:
Sorry bout that Flash but we still won man!
Props to Aurthor for hooking up a cool ass tourny,I had fun getting drunk and playing ST!!:slight_smile:
Here are the results:

Hyper Anniversary ST (33people)
1st:Jeron/Super X Balrog(Vega)Cammy
2nd:Josh/Super ChunLi
3rd:Aurthor/Super X DeeJay
4th:Flash/Hyper Sagat,Super X T.Hawk

Hail and Goooood Night!!


Wow! That many people for STAE eh? Mad cool Jeron, that tournament must have been too fun. Yo, did they remix the music on AE or is it the same? I downloaded the OST and it had remixes to each of the characters stages, but I just want to know if it’s true or not.


-Demon Hyo


Yeah it was real fun.The guys there were madd cool and chill.
We switched between CPS1 and CPS2.CPS 2 is original CPS2 is is similar to the original but slightly tweaked and then theres arranged.


Ok, cool. What about the music though?


Damn! I forgot all about this tourney. Glad you guys had fun. I’m missing all the ST goodness in NYC. :frowning: