4/8 Cal Poly Pomona Fighting Game Invitational

First of all, I just wanna thank everybody who came out for this event. The turnout was bigger than we expected. Also, we wanna thank Duc and Nam for their help in running the MvC2 and CvS2 brackets. Much appreciated guys. Alright here’s the results of each bracket:

1st. Combofiend
2nd. Albert
3rd. Hak
4th. Ken I
05. Matt
05. Nam
07. Warren
07. Bagnus!
09. M.A.D.
09. Don Getto
09. Sean
09. Kenjiro
13. Hai
13. Ronnie
13. Mr. Bean
13. DJ Jago
17. Jason
17. Percival
17. Walter
17. Porkstar
17. Isaac
17. Chris
17. Steve
17. Keith
25. ShinDVDz
25. Countee Volz
25. Insomnotek
25. Stan
25. Potter

1st Reset
2nd Ace
3rd Prince Chronos (aka DucJr)

4th David
05. Albert
05. Duc (forfeited because of work)
07. Bagnus!
07. Ken
09. Oscar
09. ComboFiend
09. Edgar
09. Potter
13. Papa Trunks
13. Thomas
13. Deuce
13. iPod
17. Jeremy
17. Madd Mike
17. PartyBoy
17. Alfred
17. Josh

1st ComboFiend
2nd Ken
3rd Josh

4th Don Getto
05. Reset
05. Chris
07. Renny
07. Matt
09. Albert
09. Oscar
09. Leo
09. Hai
13. Scott
13. PartyBoy
13. Potter
13. ShinDVDz
17. Stan
17. Jaime
17. Edison
17. No Rounds
17. Percival
17. David

1st Jon
2nd Masa-kun
3rd Strippersandbeer

4th Darkadious
05. Ken
05. DJ Jago
07. Adam
07. Matt
09. WildManX
09. Sean.

Congrats to all the winners. As always, we always welcome any feedback. Our vendor loved today’s turnout so he’s pushing us to do another one soon. If there’s enough people interested in having one next month, then we’ll definately host one. Well, if we can arrange it.

Oh yeah, I was kinda disappointed that there was no old school love. SSF2T was all lonely.

Aw, my name got read wrong. It’s ShinDVDz :frowning:

Good shit Ace!

Did anyone record any of the matches there?


Sorry about that.

GOOD FUCKIN SHIT SOCAL CVS2!! 29 entrants for a regular tourney is a healthy number considering the state of the arcade scene these days.

ggs to everyone. i’m never gonna do heavy drinking + sleep only 3 hours night before a tourney. shit totally killed my mind…


yes… host another one…

thanks for running the tourneys and the free food Marc.
We know all the hard work and shit you have to go through to help out the community… it is much appreciated.

good games all around…

Fucking assholes… I was supposed to win CvS2 for Cal Poly

Gene sorry i didnt give you a good match… after losing to albert i stopped caring.

Warren good shit runnin me in Bust a Groove.

Albert i hate you…

Thanks everyone for coming out and showing love for the deadest game at Cal Poly aka Cvs2.

In case anyone cares,

Teams used


Cumbo - K Kyo/Rolento/Sagat/Cammy
Jal - P Kyo/Blanka/Sagat/Cammy
Hail and Kill - A-ARE
Sextaro - A-ARE
Matt “Phobos” A-ARE
Me - A-Vega/Sak/Bison


Reset - MSP
Ace- MSP
Duc Jr. - XX/Cable/Sent

3s -

Cumbo - Chun/Elena
Sextaro - Makoto/Yun
Josh - Yun


GG’s everybody, I scrubbed out once again =(.

gg’s good practice for james games…nick and ace combined magneto powers to jump my sentinel not fair at all…:tdown: just wait mags gonna be doing this next time :pray: hahaha but ya good shit down to the pixel :cybot: :woot:

marvel details?

this tourny was really fun. good shit to reset and ace for the top 2 magneto craziness.

the cvs2 tourny was actually really fun. it’s been a while since i’ve been hyped in the finals and shit. good games cumbo, hak, warren, james, and the random casuals. UPPERCUTS FOR LIFE!

3s was good shit for ken practice. don, let’s play again when you’re actually awake and sober. hahaha


A whole lot of thanks goes out to Marc for running the tourney, I was also sad ST got canceled lol.

GG’s to everyone, esp to the PRINCE, those were some sick matches lol… though nothing was taped. =[

congrats ace, nick

hey marc… ths is josh… thx for running the tourney man… rly appreciate it

nxt time, ask harrisson to run ggxx… the left side has never been fixed since 3 qtrs ago… no one plays it because its always broken… =[

again… thnx for toruney…

god damn i only got 17th in this tourney?

fuck that

T5 DR got no love!!

I thought they had a KOFXI tourney also, if they did, what were the results?

T5 DR got no love!!

I thought they had a KOFXI tourney also, if they did, what were the results?

Holy shit I called Top 4 in that order! Good shit guys!

thx marc


As I was reading this, i was like “Whoa, is that BILL.” Then, I saw that it said jal, because i know bill was hella happy the whole time with all that food we ate inbetween matches =)

Anyways, it was a good tourney. I got used to the sticks after the tourney was over, <3 me. Bill is A FUCKING BEAST PLZ PLAY LIKE THAT IN TOURNEY AND NOT JUST AGAINST MEEEEEEE =(((((((

also, congrats to all the top placers, and duc for beating me and then leaving <3.

Last but not least. CUMBO. all i have to say, he got the versace shades, and his lady on his side, down to ride, and take all the hot sauce.

Cvs2 finals were probably the most exciting. Honey jal was parrying everything, even his own moves and shit. In the end, Dipset won, only because deucey is THAT DUKE OF DUKES. Plus he hella kept giving me and jeese meat(no homo). Shit was dopppeeeeeeeeeeee

reset man WTF! only 5th in 3s? no represent for the KEN??

Good shit Josh and Matt. :smiley: