4/8-Way Restrictor Plate


what is the advantage of this, I also think the madcatz stick also uses it. I am use to 8 way, but when i tried this stick it felt a little uncomforable


its just the standard of japanese sticks… try to get used to it. You could of searched the dozens of other topics concerning this instead of making a new topic.


i was trying to find out more information on this before i posted, i just wanted to know what the opions were on it


It comes down to preference. For charge characters where you you hold back it is nice to know for sure that you are in the corner and have both a back forward move and a down up move charged. I also like doing shoryuken motions since the corner catches the stick.

Only character I like playing with a octagon gate is Zangief, or characters with 360 or 180 motions.

Also for games like Virtual Fighter it makes characters who have a df, df motion easier. I can’t imagine playing akira well with a octagon gate.