4 custom sticks

Selling custom sticks

anyways here are the pics, 12 x 8.5 x 2.5, lexan cover (i hate acrylic now that ive tried lexan) , psone dualshock pcb, polyurethane finish, real wood heheh cause i have better experience using real wood that plywood or MDF some type of hardwood or something i dunno i just bought it from the lumber yard), all sanwa parts.

Lili Joystick sold

Dragunov Joystick sold

Bob Marley Joystick

Streetfighter 3 Akuma Joystick sold

Great work, especially on the Bob Marley one. :tup:

yeah im limited to either pink or green obsf-30 and jlf-tp-8y so i had to make do but it still turned out pretty great =D

I’m not really a fan of that artwork but the boxes you’ve built looks great. Might as well prepare some shots of the insides because you know TheRealNeoGeo will ask for them when he finds this thread in the morning :lol: (time is 1am here in Sweden right now)

sigh it sucks being a tekken player in a streetfighter forum lmao noone likes your characters hahah.

i havent wired it up yet lmao i just finished wetsanding/buffing everything last night (i took that around 2am early morning) i’ll just start wiring today

bad news my local hardware ran out of barrier strips damn.

nice, those are some top dollar sticks. as good as anything I have seen here…

thanks =D

Damn. That Lili and Dragunov stick would be nice if DR came out on PS2.

yeah the artwork didnt really fit the box, but it is still quality work. Maybe next time you can use wood that isnt so rich in color or texture.

the lili one is nice but dragunov looks like a ugly ass kazuya

i have no choice cause i bought like 2 pcs of 10 feet planks of that wood (dunno what it is but the dealer said it came from malaysia or something) :sweat:

yea dragunov does look like an uglier kaz :rofl: , i had trouble with him during the first few days when DR was released here in the philippines but iv’e gotten used to fighting him lol,

That is so nice :D. I will build with 60mm hight. The 2,5" you use, is it to tall or is it good?
Also, when you can, please post insidepics :D.

the button color doesn’t really match the sticks IMO, but the cases look well done. :slight_smile: good job on those.

@ leaveal got no choice on button colors hehehe i can only buy either green or pink so there heheh but it’s minor details that my customers told me they dont care as long as the graphics were what they asked for hehehe. im just belssed that my dad has lots of money to buy expensive powertools for hes hobby so i can use them once in a while hahaha. i wouldn’t be making this if we didn’t have a sliding compund miter saw and other powertools.

@realneogeo 2.5 feels just right for me, i suggest using cardboard box first just to get a feel on how tall it is (thats what i did anyway lol i made a prototype box using cardboard) , but on a 12 x 8.5 the 2.5 inch height looks and feels just right.

i didint use any barrier strips this time cause my local hardware ran out of them and the big hardwares didnt carry any :sad: but i did try and make it as neat as i can :sweat:
Inside Pics

wait for my next 2 their going to be better than these boxes heheh. oh yea there are no visible nail marks or anything on the boxes :wgrin: i used biscuit joints hehehe.

Biscuit joints, what’s that? Right now, I’m building my own arcade stick too. Do you have a picture or something?

BTW, can I ask you something? Why did you twirl your cables so much, it looks kinda strange :smiley:

I like your sticks, how long did you work on them?

awesome sticks.

the Bob one is cool. interesting idea for stick art.

i cant find anyplace to buy small gauge wires so what i didi was i bought data cable and ripped it open , inside are about 8 thin solid wires but their all twisted :wgrin: but anyways thats what i used a rpped open datacable lol .

hmmm the box about 3 to 4 days for the boxes because i had to glue it on using biscuits.

a biscuit joint, you use something like this DeWalt biscuit jointer to drill the necessary hole on the wood to be joined , then you put in this thing This is whats called a wood biscuit the liquid in the glue moistenes the biscuit so it expands filling in the hole and all the while the glue hardenes and you get a really strong joint witout using nails.

and having a tablesaw or a sliding compund mitersaw will really help out in cutting the wood.

where’d you get lexan btw?

Wanna Sell The Marley One?