4 New vids


:o ok, I uploaded 4 new cvs2 vids to my games section.
As always your feedback is requested, and much appreciated.

see at all at Obot64.com/games


Ive only watched one vid.

This is my impressions of it:

It seems to me there was lots of random moves/supers in that match. The biggest thing that comes to mind was a move to start of the round, although this can be good it is not always the best idea (this is shown how one of the two moves beat the other one, often causing a knockdown and free damage). Another thing is like random kyo kicks, things like sakura doing a hurricaine kick in reaction to kyo jumping straight up, at 0:32 kyo doing a random running move…

Another thing was a lot of missed combos, and easy ones too (ie sakura c.jab, c.jab, s.short xx fierce dragon). And one combo that should be learned (although I realize is hard to learn at first) is kyos dragons in the blocked cc, when k-sakura blocked the cc, she should have died.


Someone’s been watching sigley’s K-Terry! :lol:

Also, you can hit Terry back with some huge combo after you JD a sweep.

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! If you can’t combo into Ken’s level 3 every time you get an opening, you shouldn’t be playing with him! He’s not like Blanka where you can be unable to link cr lk and still be competitive. If you can’t combo into level 3 100% of the time, your Ken will be unable to do damage.

More later!


what’s with the jumping short shotos? that’s the only thing i don’t understand, is it special?
and also too many openings for you to take as raged ryu when terry jumped at you. that’s an easy shin shoryuken, those were not short jumps either.


that Obot vs. Cityhunter match made me cry. was that Cityhunter playing Athena? if so, it should be made illegal for him to bring such shame to her name.

watching the rest of them just made me kind of frustrated. both players used Ken, and scored about 10 crossups, followed by cr. lk, cr. lk…nothing. a lot of the other errors just seemed to happen because both players were more interested in making a “watchable” video, and by that i mean, constant rushdown with little regard to precise movement.

and somebody already said it, but what’s up with the jumping short shotos? there were a few instances where the mk would have crossed the other guy up…but the short just missed all together.


Ok, let me make a rule.
if you say somthing is bad, you have to give an alternitive, else its pointless flaming.

As far as you saying both players were not playing and just trying to make a good video… thats not how it is at all. You sir (soup or man) are an idiot.

If you want me to list the reasons pm me then we can discuss them privately


for the ken’s c.lk x3 it’s just safe play (when you don’t have meter for super)
cuz you don’t want to get into the habit of doing a fireball after lks cuz ppl can roll thru, JD, or parry and punish you

i’ve seen videos of japan nationals, the ken player did a lot of cross mk, c.lkx3



Never put Chun Li first, because she needs meter to be effective.
In K groove, always put your ratio 2 first. Think about it.

That Joe’s improved from last time.


you guys couldn’t even combo into super when the opponent was dizzy lol. you guys really need to learn how to combo into super, especially with the openings you guys leave. And even then, the other player doesn’t even take advantage of them. Leave video-making for the good players.


Where can I see kennywood videos?


haha nowhere. that’s the reason i wouldn’t make vids, i’m not good enough. i know enough to leave that up to the top players instead.


hey, Burghy… ill let you take care kennywood… he left himself wide open… Mabye Burghy, will be nice and let it slide :lol:

Burghy: I like to put my R2 in the middle actually, but most of those matches i do random lvl 2… And just go from their, in all honesty.

Why in the middle? Because thats where u get the most use out of him. If you of have him last some of his power is not being used. Plus if he is 2nd and u are winning its easy to stay up, and if you are losing its easy to take out somebody elses lvl 1.

Ps. thanks for noticing my Joe


i was just wondering, are we critizing your game or both players game? one thing you should definitely do is throw a lot more, i see the other player throwing you a lot more. i play joe a bit, once joe is max metered, the other player should not be able to jump at you. his double cyclone has great range, and more than likely cannot be parried or jded.


i was just giving you my observation. that’s how it looks. if that’s not the case, then i guess you both just have a really frantic style of play that isn’t very precise.


Yo! What’s up Obot! I’ve watched nearly all your vids so far. I can say you really improved, but there are still many areas in which you need to improve on. As stated before both you and your opponent needs to learn how to take advantage of cross-ups. For your Sak, you should learn the j. mk cross up ending with running uppercut to your advantage. Also during gameplay you seem to…hmm how should i say this be a little too frantic. Just kind of kick back a little bit and watch your opponent’s mistakes because they’re were plenty.There is a difference between being frantic and rushing that shit down. I want to see more of your Rock since I’m a Rock player myself. Yeah, I may sound like I’m all good but really I’m not that great. :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck and train hard.


Thanks misterbean97, Im out here in MI playing my butt off, and its hard cuz in my city (Detroit) you dont get no love, or respect. Im serous Detroit is full of haters. Its hard.

 Anyway ill keep playing and training, all your advice helps.  Thanks guys.


hehe my bad. i didn’t know the actual purpose of the vids. sorry about that.

to the guy on the left, try to predict the throws more, and either tech throw or DP that shit. Way too many throws by blanka.


Its ain’t that we don’t respect you, Obot. Its that you have yet to earn it. You gotta earn it the same way everyone else at that arcade did. It will not, and cannot be simply given. Name one person who has come to that arcade in the last 4 yrs. who has earned their respect. You gotta pay your dues like everyone else. Don’t take it personal.
Berating Keshawn to make yourself look good is pathetic. You know he owns you at the moment, because you aren’t that good YET. Only when you realize your limits as a gamer, can you hope to get better.


Actually they arnt saying anything bad, they are pointing out your FLAWS. I could flame which I ussually do but I want to point out that the gameplay is very lacking. You guys need to rely more on pokes then trying to rc random moves, the double kicks could of been snuffed 39483490834 times. The wrong customs were used and at the wrong times. Also alot of randomness you need more order in your gameplay. I reccomend playing Hibiki/Vega/Eagle and just working on poking. With more order youll be able to hold a match better.

None of these posts have been flames, theres a difference from someone saying you suck and someone pointing out WHY you suck. You can always learn from the second one.


BOWS, its true i am a student of the game.