4 sale mvc2 cab, 3s cab and cvs2 board

pictured is the mvc2 and 3s cabs not pictured is the cvs2 board. asking $1500 for each cab and $500 for the board or $3000 for all three. Located in brockville ontario. sequence cybercafe 613-865-8204




no one interested? and if so does anyone know any other places i would be able to sell them?

ebay and craigslist would be a good place to start with large items such as those but its really hit and miss cause its such a niche item you know? good luck with ur sales though those look to be in great condition.

Dude $1500 for a candy cab? Are you kidding me? I hope that’s in pesos.

$500 for MVC2/3S/CVS2 is not as ridiculously priced but is overpriced. All 3 of those can be bought for around $350. $400 at the most.

is that over priced for the cab and the board for the game? where is it being sold for cheaper?

edit. btw the prices are in canadian and there is always room for negotiation

The last two New Astro City cabs I bought were less than $500. I think Neo 29 (the cab it looks like you have) sell for similar or even a bit less.

Like I said the games you have sell for anywhere from $250-$400. A complete MVC2 kit on ebay just sold for $411 and that included the capcom IO.

Let the man sell for whatever he wants to sell them for.

dayummmm I wish I lived in canada right now :frowning:

he is entitled to do that, and so are others to let people who don’t quite know about cabs make sure they don’t get ripped off.
my .02

i will be honest and admit i dont know much about the current worth, all i know is what i paid for them. what i do know is that $500 for the cab and $400 for the board in canadian is $960 or $970 based on what you listed above. (not to mention that the mvc2 sticks are all happ parts and the board is already installed. im sure that the above mentioned is worth something and would bring the worth closer to what you mentioned as being good prices). i own a cybercafe where they are currently and am in the process of buying the local comic shop. i will not have room for them there so i am looking to sell. i am not here to rip anyone off and like i said i am willing to negotiate.

OMG i wish I were am Arcade owner.

GL man beutiful cabs

you could always get these for your house rec room

@ Fusion
Damn dude stfu!
He is in Canada and those cabs aren’t easy to come
by cept for the West Coast and Japan.

He can charge whatever he wants.

im not trying to over charge. if anyone is willing to buy the lot i can heavily negotiate.

Shipping is extra I assume?

shipping is at the owners expense. if the person lives within a reasonable drive away in canada they can just come and pick it up at my cybercafe.

Hey Fidel,

I mentioned this in the X-Men VS Street Fighter thread. The Canadian players are GDLK at that game, so I’m hoping they might want to gobble one of these cabs up. Good luck with the sale.

And you’re buying a comic book store? Very cool.

i moved from toronto to a smaller town near ottawa and opened up a arcade/cybercafe and am now in the process of buying a comic book store. i will be combining the two and cause they are both on console in would not be wise to waste the limited space on these as i already have a number of lcd tv’s and sticks here. (as much as i would love to keep them my wife wont let me lol)

very nice… i am goin to tallk to some of my friends and see what we can do cuz we been looking for a cab for a while now… i will b pm u later if i can get a hold of same friends

Just want everyone to know if someone finds a buyer for me ill give them a very generous finders fee.