4 sticks running Madcatz 360 PCBs, what are my next gen option

Sup Everyone,

I am getting mod fever again. I have 2 Madcatz TE1 sticks and 2 MAS sticks modded with Madcatz 360 fightpad PCBs. I have both and Xbox One and PS4. What are my options to support either if not both of these systems?

Information on how to hack next gen pads.

PS4: Third party PS4 padhack options
Xbox one: http://forums.shoryuken.com/discuss...f-third-party-xbox-one-padhack-options#latest

  1. Buy new stick

  2. mod old stick

  3. build adapter

  4. buy questionable but premade adapter.

  5. For buying a new stick, Mad Catz has the TE 2 for Xbox One and PS3/PS4 (the PlayStation stick works on both systems), Hori has a few options, the new line of Hrap v4 (some of the stick names get confusing) sticks for the PS3/PS4 and one for the Xbone. There also a pre-order for a limited run on a new Hori Hrap VLX for the PS4.

  6. Sony PS4 Dual Shock 4 pad hack
    Dual Shock 4 PadHack Thread - aka you should padhack the hfc4 pad instead

MS Xbox One pad Hack

XB1 3rd party options

  1. Building an adapter, that would include something like the Undammed USB encoder wired into a pad hacked PCB (see above) or a toodles FG widget converter (for older system sticks)

  2. Cronus max, Titan One, M4 ect, ect, ect… Least Not Recommended

Awesome, I assume there is no easy way to retain 360 support? I also have an fgwidget in one of them.

Look up dual-modding, everything you need would be covered in that topic

here is the thread to the topic Dual-modding 101.

Also is that FG widget the converter or the LED controller?

Just the LED controller.

That not going to help

the cronus max seems to be working well for me, I know its not tournament legal, but was there any other issue you ran into while using it? it seems the easiest and cheapest of all the options out there to get ps4 and xbox one system compatibility and is very flexible. he didn’t mention tournaments so not sure if that is a concern for him.

to be fair, the cronus max does have the PS4 8 minute time-out issue like all ps4 converters so far (including the ps360+), due to PS authentication protocols.

but using a ps3 stick on the ps4 seems to be fine now due to the Skullgirls PS4 dev hack adopted by MKX (again not likely tournament legal).

Well one bit of computer logic advice, you want the most compatibility, use whats the most native to that system.
So if you want a reliable, compatible controller for that system, use a controller designed for that system.

So if you are using a PS4 your best option is an actual PS4 controller. The Sony Dual Shock 4 game pad would have the most compatibility, followed by a licensed PS4 arcade stick (there some features a stick may lack).
Hence why I put building an adapter as #3, using an Undammed USB encoder or a Toodles FG Widget converter wired to a PS4 or Xbox One PCB would give you that compatibility still, as you are still using an actual PS4 or XBO PCB. Also they do not have the 8 minuet timeout issue as an actual PCB is used.

Actually to be fair, if I am dropping $60 into an adapter it better work without any issues. The Hori Fighting Commander 4 is $44.99, yeah there are some DIY measures I still have to take but I know the thing would work out of the box. Also expect at any time Sony and Microsoft wising up to the Cronus and making a firmware update that disables the Cronus from working. The two companies has done this to unauthorized 3rd party devices before.

This statement is incorrect. It is not a Dev Hack, period. Zero Labs is allowed to include additional drivers to allow PS3 controllers to work inside a PS4 game (and only inside the game).

Sony allows for developers to integrate their own drivers for specialized controllers. Sony does realize people might want to use Arcade sticks or Steering Wheel controllers (or what ever like the Gun Con or Guitar hero controllers) from there PS3 on the PS4 with games that could benefit from them. Sony allows this to be an option, BUT Sony isn’t offering devs any support on development of drivers. Hence why Zero Labs asked people here (in Tech Talk) for help and input. MKX has gotten licensed to use the same drivers. The only PS3 controller that is not allowed is the Dual Shock 3 as per Sony’s requirements. It isn’t a hack, it is done with Sony’s “blessings”.

As this is in game (and not a hack), supported by the game without additional hardware or software, this is tournament legal. Well MKX requires a PS4 controller to “sign in” to which player you going to be.