4 suitors looking to buy WB


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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wang Jianlin (the richest man in China), Google, Apple and Disney are all interested in buying Warner Brothers (which would include DC Comics ).

Now that Rupert Murdoch has withdrawn his $80 billion bid to buy Time Warner, rumors again are heating up about who could make a play for the media giant. Wang Jianlin, founder of real estate giant Wanda Group and China’s wealthiest person, might seem like a dark horse in the sweepstakes. But the opportunity for the ambitious Wang to own an empire as massive as Time Warner could be impossible to resist.

Although a Wanda spokesman tells THR “this is not happening – the takeover of Time Warner does not exist,” several indicators suggest the interest and wherewithal to seal a deal.

Some sources speculate that Wang is eager to expand overseas as a measure of protection against domestic political issues. Wang increasingly has found it difficult to operate on his own terms in China’s highly regulated media world. In July, the country’s version of the SEC denied an application by Wanda Cinema Line for a $320 million offering. Wang shrugged off the rejection, but it showed that he no longer was assured of having things his own way in China.

With a new compound in Beverly Hills, Wang could be a step closer to buying his way into Hollywood.

Three Other Suitors-in-Waiting:

Walt Disney

The prospect of combining Disney’s Marvel with Time Warner’s DC Comics might be too compelling to ignore, plus CNN would give Disney the cable news asset it lacks. Disney’s market cap as of Aug. 8 was $149 billion compared with Time Warner’s $63 billion, which gives Disney CEO Bob Iger more leverage than Murdoch might have had.


The search giant most often is mentioned as a potential bidder, though Time Warner still has the historically awful AOL merger fresh in its memory. Still, Google has a track record of massive profits (unlike AOL at the time) and a hefty $385 billion market cap to back up a potential play.


As with Google, Apple’s massive market cap ($567 billion), not to mention $38 billion in cash on hand, makes it an automatic potential bidder. Time Warner’s giant library of film and TV content presumably would fit neatly into whatever plans the maker of iPads and iPhones has for its still-nascent Apple TV product. And, of course, iTunes always is looking for some video leverage as it goes to war with Netflix, Hulu and other online content services.

Disney might buy Warner Bros. (Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny, Marvel and DC, together?)

Disney buying DC comics and marvel? Hot damn. Monopoly ahoy!


Disney would also own looney toons. I seriously hope disney doesnt aquire WB…i hope its google or the asian dude if anyone. Disney would ruin DC…


You don’t want the Wanda group to own it. Trust me on this.

My vote goes to Google.


What does it matter? In the end it’s going to be one super company owning all of them/us


If google bought it they would place copy right claims on dcs comic at comic stores dont own the rights to the comics. Fucking google.


not anytime soon, so it does matter to those who enjoy things. did you say the same when Disney owned power rangers? they dont anymore, and thats a good thing. your conspiracy idea wont happen for a LONG time


Post the link you dick


They bought Marvel and changed literally nothing about the actual comics put out by the company.

They just used it as an extra one more thing to convince consumers to buy or take part in their products.

Marvel character in Disney Infinity, and few appearances at Disney World/Land.

There is no reason for you to even think they’d ruin DC.

The most that would happen is a Disney logo appearing on things and Superman at Disney world.

I hope so fucking hard that Disney ends up winning this.

I know what they’ll do with it, basically nothing bad, which is what they did with Marvel and Starwars, much to everyone’s surprise. Google, some big dick Chinese baller, and Apple on the other hand are unpredictable in the matter.

The qualities of the DC movies would also probably get a lot better, Marvel Studios probably wouldn’t have hit such a stride if it wasn’t for that Disney merger. Marvel studios works out of Disney studios and they also handle the marketing and distribution.


The site I got it from didnt have the link, it just had what I copy/pasted you vagina


It would be pretty bad if one company owned both major Comic book companies.

Monopolies are never good. ever.


Thats Marvel. You think Disney would let DC continue with its gritty/dark movies?

Did you see what happen to Power Rangers?


You say that like it’s a bad thing.

I’d take a series of DCU movies the quality of Avengers, Cap 2, and GOTG over shitty MoS and all the Batman trilogy except the second movie.

Well it’s either a monopoly or possibly shit.

It’s a real wager.


Are you a Disney/marvel fanboy? I can see where this could potentially lead to


Man of Steel was great. Stop hating.


Sheesh, doesn’t Disney have enough as is? Regardless, I don’t like the idea of two major icons under one roof.
But on the contrary, a Marvel x DC would be sooo epic.


Marvel/DC Cross over already happened. It was pretty mediocre that was just a giant popularity contest.


If Disney owning WB means we can get Roger Rabbit 2…im ALL in!! :frenchvanillalatte:


Word. You niggas forgot about hat Amalgam universe shit? Fucking Batman fused with Wolverine

If Disney copped WB it would be GG. They can churn out another Who Framed Roger Rabbit scene. Lord knows without that we would never get another. Too much ego.

Disney is pretty good about letting their acquisitions be themselves.


Of the four I want Disney to take it. Disney knows it’s better for business to let their companies to their own devices. Micromanagement is actually something that WB tends to do. It’s why can’t get anything off the ground.