4 those that need a room thurs-mon 4 evo

post in here alot of peeps that were staying with me cancelled lemme rephrase that said they were going to stay with me and didnt have the decency to let me know they werent going to room with me any more post in here if interested we can work somehting out


Thats fucked up, they did it so late.

I just need to stay for thursday night, that’s all =] Thanks!


yeah bacardi, I think team hate needs a place for thursday night…

Yo, I could get you 3 ppl, but they’re staying thur-sun I believe. Get at me on aim or PM. Thanks.

i’ve pmed you but you never responded to my pm. sooo…I hope you were not talking about me…

for being moderator for a section noone reads sometimes i get way more pm’s than one would expect
so a lot of pm’s get missed doujinshi just pm your aim and i’ll hit u up

Yo I need a room, how much yo, hit me up heres my phone number - 305 242 8188, doujinshi_2001 are still in florida? If your are hit me at that number to I got to ask you a question too ask for Roger

I know a friend of mine who needs someplace to crash thursday night bacardi. Hit me up on AIM asap if you can. Thanks

yo bracardi, I will hit you up tommorrow to do the pay pal shit iight…like at 5:00 p.m…

i have space for Thursday night. 714-350-0797 we can talk. AKscrube

me and a friend need a place thursday through saturday… :wonder: so if someone needs people hit me up 7608872141

need a place to stay sunday…i’ll just talk to you at evo

Why doesn’t everyone who needs a place to stay hook up with each-other and split hotel rooms?

P.S. I might need a place from Thurs-Sunday, hook it up plz thx.

I need a place to stay for Sunday AFTERNOON only, if anyone has room available then I’ll send my # via PM.


still have room? we can talk dota.