4 Tourney Torrents (3S, T5, MvC2, CvS2)

Link: www.obot64.com/media

Ok, the torrents can be found on my site’s media page.

***Please seed because I cant keep my pc on 24/7 ***

About the vids:

  1. May’N Event Tournament 3S Finals -190mb - 26min
  2. May’N Event Tournament Tekken5 Finals - 201mb - 28min
  3. Midwest Championships 2005 CvS2 Finals -307mb - 42min
  4. Midwest Championships 2005 MVC2 - 427mb - 59min

Ps: you can see the seed/leech stats here: http://www.demonoid.com/users/obot64

you should split them and make torrnets for each game.That way peole can download only the onces they wanna watch.

! :tup:

I did Snake… I just added them all into one zip file, but inside that is each individual torrent for each game. :xeye:


Ma bad…didnt realize it was a zip file…

Somebody become a seed for this shit, there is 20 peers and no seeds.



Give me the cvs2 and MvC2 file on AIM (quickly) and in exchange I will host cvs2 &mvc2 file on my site and allow 50 downloads of each. Atleast that way those with torrent can have many ppl with the file and provide faster transfers.

no ones seeding the cvs2

I’m currently the only seeder for all the files. 3s has finished… so somebody else has it. My pc is going to be on all night but my connection … is not so hot.

Tomorrow Ill be at work on a high speed connection for most of the day (they dont allow bt) but if you message me on aim I can send you the file if you wish to help seed.

Edit: you can see seed/leech stats here: http://www.demonoid.com/users/obot64

yea it probly dosent help that i’m seeding 4 things at once…

hmn… Just rebooted my pc.

Before all the torrents were going at around 10k (not fast at all)

Now Ive stopped seeding 3s since there are other seeders for it (plz keep it alive)

The other 3 torrents are going faster now… with cvs2 in the lead with 45k/sec :tup:

Ok, at this point every file is seeded by people other than me.
I’m going to turn off my pc tonight. I’ll seed again if necessary… but I seriously want to see if the community will help each other out.

Just finished watching cvs2,great matchs !! will seed :tup:

Ah the curse is 3 years going. I just LOVE how the only matches of mine that EVER get online are of me losing. Marvel scrub 4 life!

GG to Wigfall and the rest of NY. I so should of taken you up on that money match Wig.

Hows everyone liking those vids?

good stuff… some players i don’t recognize so putting there names would’ve been nice.

thanx for the vidz

hmn… can anybody help seed these files? New people have started to dl them. THX.

I’m seeding 3S and CvS2 :karate: