4 units of SF4 at SJSU

come on by to play. the wait should be a lot better now. We will only have 4 for a few weeks so come soon.

i’m going nearly every evening cuz work is right next to SJSU. anyone who wants to go and play with me, lemme know

One of the machines was marked with an “Out Of Order” sign around 9pm tonight. Anyone know why?

^The coin slot stopped working.

Also I noticed Akuma isn’t available on these machines but he is over at SFSU weird.

I’m guessing someone over at R&C put in the dipswitch codes for Akuma.

I know someone in the SFSU posted it in their thread.

Looks Like The Tourny At Spartan Arcade Is Gonna Be Hank Maccoy A.K.A Beast!!

I like that [COLOR=“Yellow”]X-men joke! This guy is bringin’ CORNY back ~ [/COLOR]:lovin::woot:

Coin slots were jammed with gunked up quarters. It’s good now.

Akuma is available on P1 and P2 cabinets. I didn’t have the code with me when I put in P3 and P4 so I’ll make him available next time I’m there.

will be there tomorrow evening

yay sebastian. I’m going to to head out there about 4-4:30. See you cats there today.

I wont be there till like 8 pm