4 vs 4 PSN Street Fighter 2 HDR Team Tournament

How about a “team tournament?” I ran this by dbostick and Slez a while back and they thought it might be interesting, so here goes:

This isn’t the biggest of team tournaments as there would only be two teams. I am envisioning an elimination style team tournament. Perhaps 4 vs 4 or, if there’s more interest, 5 vs 5. All players interested in participating will throw their names into the available pool of players. I’m going to allow as many names in the pool that enter within a specific cut-off period.

I will then randomly select a “Captain” for each team. Each Captain will then select his next teammate in alternating fashion until both teams are complete. E.g. Captain 1 selects Player A, then Captain 2 selects Player B, then Captain 2 selects Player C, then Captain 1 selects Player D etc.

Again, the Captain that selects 1st will also be random–I’m literally going to flip a coin. Since the teams are relatively small, this selection process should, at most, take 3-4 days. For instance, if the Captains are posted on Monday, I would imagine that the 4 man roster would have been completed by Thursday. Captains will also determine the roster’s order. (Who goes first, second, etc.)

Then, on the designated tournament date, probably on the weekend of the roster assembly date, the teams would SET TIME aside for the hour-long single elimination team contest.

I’d create a 3-man room and act as the observer–I’d record the matches–and point of contact for any issues that arise. The winner of each contest will stay in the room and invite the next opponent until all members of a given team are eliminated. If connection issues occur, we’ll go through all the usual HDR crash protocol: quit the game, restart it and then I will reinvite both participants.

In my experience, people who live on HDR on most days of the week become mysteriously and incredibly busy come tournament time. I would hope that a small pool of competitors and a brief format would facilitate participation even by the flakiest and gun shy of entrants.

I understand that there are live tournaments on the weekend of June 18th so, if you have the opportunity, please go support them. But, if you’re like me, and live in a region that does not necessarily host HDR tournaments or you simply cannot make it out to the in-person events, please sign up. I promise that you;ll have fun.

With all that said, do we have any takers? Anyone willing to put their hectic lifestyle aside for one measly hour on one measly day of the weekend? Come on…you know you want to. All the cool kids are doing it.


[LEFT]**DATE: **Saturday, July 9th[/LEFT]


[]4 man roster per team
]Sign ups close at midnight Wednesday (technically Thursday morning) June 16th at 12 AM EST
[]I will post Captains here by 1 AM EST on Thursday June 18th
]Captains must post their rosters selections here by midnight Friday (technically Saturday morning) June 18th at 12 AM EST
[]Single Elimination (One and Done)
]Default speed 3
[]Default timer
]No turbo/macros
[]No Akuma
]I will create the room and invite the participants. Matches will be recorded.
[*]Players will have 2 minutes to report for their matches. If a player fails to show for his (or her?) match or fails to communicate with me regarding room connection issues, the player will be disqualified. In this event, the next team member will have 2 minutes to begin.
If you have any questions or concerns, please post them here or send me a PM. Thanks!


Team 1

  1. Big O
  2. MisterEgoTrip
  4. Rcaido
  6. Sweet Poison
  7. CothX

Team 2

  1. Enforcer04
  2. Hadouken696969
  3. Pacquiao8x
  4. Cauldrath
  5. megaman3d
  6. Slez
  7. EricGGMusic

Yeah I’d be down. What time frame are we looking at?

Im down too, let me know the time, so I can make sure I am there, as I’m close to starting my job.

I’m in, sounds fun

Well, the poll closes in a week’s time. I am eying the week of 6/6/11 for the team selections. The event itself would most likely occur on that Saturday (6/11/11).

I’ll play in this as long as its on a weekday night.

OK, I’ll go over the folks that have expressed interest in this. Unfortunately, not all of them have posted here but I would hope that they will do so shortly:

DaThreats (You’re still invited despite my fun at your expense. Now’s your time to prove everything that you said!)

I guess I’ll have to post this on the general HDR board to drum up interest. Where are all the PSN HDR heads? Time for some PMs!

I’ll play man.

Aren’t there like 2 big tournies that weekend? Revelations socal and another one out in florida our something. If that’s not the same weekend, count me in

I didnt read a damn thing about your tourney spider man…and i dont give a crap! All I saw was your email and I recruited rice man to help me find this thread. IM FIRED UP!!! LET ME JOIN UP!!!

Ahhh. You’re right. I guess the following week is a better idea. I’ll edit this post and make it the official sign-up page later on today.

Are you going to rep Fei at the Revelations or has the Dark Side claimed another? Grumble grumble stupid shotos grumble grumble*
Oh, I saw your matches vs evonon (I think that’s the spelling) and his Gief at WCW. I’ve always thought that Gief-Fei was in Gief’s favor in HDR. What do you think, Rice? I’m not even close to being on topic. Ha!

hmmm i’m only can play after 9:00 pm CT.

if there’s no problem, I’m down.

Characters: Ken, Deejay and Honda.

The weekend after Revelations in SoCal? Isn’t NCR the weekend after? If so, I’m not entering.

I’m currently planning on signing up on June 15th. Keeping my options open, of course.

Not gonna lie, I didn’t take the time to read the details but, if it’s a tournament count me in. So, how do we go about forming teams?

Yeah Kao…I’m in…

The Florida CEO Tourney is happening June 9-12th, so no conflicts with this online tourney. The turnout for CEO for HDR I’m expecting will be low since it will be added as an old school high roller event depending if enough people will play. All the main attractions will be the new fighting games. I got friends going down there on Friday morning for SSF4 and MvC3, if they can confirm what the HDR turnout will look like by mid afternoon, I might make a trip down there to play.

p.s. Nice avatar Sweet Poison!!!

I might enter this, I’ll let you guys know later!!

GO EGO! Try and get something going down there for HDR. Even if you guys end up having 8/10 entrants, AT LEAST there will be a presence there for HDR. I went with RoyalPhlush to **UFGT7 **and alas, no HDR. Fuckin heartbreaking. Promise me you’ll try and give our game a fighting chance down there! :’(

Sign me up. I wonder how stacked some of the teams will be lol.

All right, here is an update on the pool of available players:

Big O
Hado King
Lord Kakaloto
Sweet Poison
DaThreats (You’re still invited despite my fun at your expense. Now’s your time to prove everything that you said!)

I think I received responses from Pacquiao8x and others that I’ll verify when I check my system after work. Where are you dbostick? You asked for the tournament and here it is. Ha! RenoMD showed interest but I don’t think he’s signed up. PMs, here I come!