4 way versus round restrictor plate


Which would be better for sf4? i know it’s a very basic question but i’m getting a stick and don’t want it to suck because i had the wrong restrictor put in.


square gate != 4 way gate. if you’re going to ask a question you should atleast know what you’re asking before post. and there’s a noob question thread for these sort of questions.


4 way wouldn’t work as that would only be up, down, left and right, with no diagonals, I think you mean Square or Octagonal (although round do exist there just not that commonly used).
Its down to your own preference really, Octagonal is deemed easier to pull off QCs and the like.


well i got 4 way and square gates mixed up. I am sorry for that but i see no need for you to be so persnickety or rude for that matter .


4 way is good for pac-man


This is a preference question because there is no “better.” Its like asking if jackets or sweaters are better. If you are unsure, just buy both and see which one you like more. Just keep in mind that most, if not all arcades use square restrictors for their Japanese cabs and round for their American cabs.