4-way vs 8-way?


What is the difference?

I have a Mad Catz TE (the original one) and I believe that it has a 4/8-way stick, but what does that mean really? How can I change it from one to the other just to experiment with it?


4-way means the joystick has a maximum of 4 input locations: up, down, left, right.

8-way means you can add diagonals, which are kinda important if you think about it.

The joystick in your TE stick (Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y-SK) is 8-way, and I suggest you keep it like that. I’m not sure if you can even change it to 4-way, but you can get 2-way gates if you want to play as a Guile with one very annoying OCD.


Thanks. That seems really obvious now…


Yeah, putting the stick to 4-way is really only useful for games like Pac-Man, Tetris, and such. Games that don’t need diagonal movement.


4 way really sucks for street fighter. Can’t fireball, SRK, or block low. If I know you set your stick to 4 way, I’ll sweep you all day. If you are curious…

Why is there a 4 way mode? On some arcade machines like Pac Man the way it is programed if you hit a diagonal while the other direction is on the change in direction won’t register. It requires that you go back to a neutral state before changing directions.
I think if you have right held down, the game code can only sense input at a time so if down is press while right is pressed, it will ignore down and continue going right.


LOL. I’m thinking he is talking about square vs octagonal restrictor plates. Amirite?

Madcatz/Hori sticks that are stock come with square gates. Generally people who play charge characters play on square gates. I have no problem pulling off qcf/dp motions with this plate. However, I find it hard to do stuff like Guile’s flash kick ultra, or Dee Jay’s MGU ultra with an octagon plate. I find charge characters near unplayable on circular gates. I don’t know how anyone could do it…

AIAB/X Arcade sticks come in circular gates. American cabs most generally use HAPP parts, while most off the shelf sticks come with Japanese style sticks.

Here’s the breakdown on sticks:

All sticks perform using digital directions. In laymans terms, the directions on a stick are the same directions you’d find on your compass ergo

8-way = North, South, East, West, Northeast, Northwest, Southwest, Southeast

4-way = North, South, East, West, OR Northeast, Northwest, Southwest, Southeast

2-way = North, South, OR East, West.

Your analog sticks preform using a multitude of directions, usually in multiples of 8. Most fighting games only need the 8 cardinal directions hence arcade sticks sending digital directions.


Toodles had made a aftermarket circle gate found on Lizard lick if Square and Octagonal gates are not you thing.