4 years playing this game and I'm just not good


I’ve been stuck at the same level for so long now. The part that is difficult is I know where I’m lacking, I just can’t fix it. When I watch high level play its not like I’m perplexed. I understand what’s going on, I just can’t do it myself. I seem to have no sense of spacing, timing, things like that. I find myself just kind of lost on what to do sometimes in the neutral game, or if I’m being pressured it seems like I just tend to make the dumbest decisions. Has anyone else been stuck like this? I want to improve so badly, I know what it takes to improve, I just can’t.


I should also maybe mention I lose to both really bad and really good people. I lost like five games last night to some random Akuma doing stupid things. I’m also an Akuma player so this was particularly painful. But then I play this really good Rose a lot too and the guy just destroys me. He ALWAYS gets me into the perfect range he wants me, whether its in the neutral game or from a block string, and I can’t do anything. Whether I press a button, jump, or sit there blocking the guy just has the perfect answer. I think normally I should be learning from it, but not me, I’m just like “well this guy is amazing and I completely suck, nothing I can do.” I actually just fought him the other day for the first time in months and he told me I still play the exact same way.


Man you can play literally everything for years and still suck at it, because you don’t play to improve.

I’ve played Dota for 8 years for example and I sucked for a good 5 years at it, because I was just autopiloting and blaming other stuff for losses.
Only in the last 3 years I made conscious efforts to improve myself and incorporate new things into my gameplan.


Put in some heavy lab time, learn how to vortex properly and you should do fine.


Do you know why you suck? Execution, reactions, can’t tech throws, jump too much, masher, don’t know frame data?

Figure out specifically why you’re bad, or what you lack


This is the best piece of information you’ve been given. Seems like you only have one game plan and you are easily read.


My advice is stop playing Akuma for a while. Stop playing games to just win for now, start playing to just get better.

Join the Ryu army, learn the concepts you currently can’t apply. Get your butt kicked doing it. Ryu will be easier to do this on and give you more opportunity to with his larger health pool as well.

Not suggesting you abandon Akuma but idk. I actually have two friends I’ve been teaching for years and one certainly has the same problem you do bigtime.

I don’t know how to get him out of that hell either. :c But at least you’re aware of it and want to fix it, and I think that’s the most important step.


Well I know that part. The part that’s been giving me trouble for the past year and a half is changing it. It’s so easy to read about it and be told what you’re doing wrong and intending on doing things differently. The hard part is when I’m actually in the game.


Play long sets against people who can exploit your weaknesses. In that situation, you can’t even go a couple seconds without thinking of what you should be doing instead of what you usually do.


A change of character perhaps, maybe Akuma isn’t for you the risk reward of akuma means advance player only. Give other character a go.


Drink a few cans of red bull before a match, go into cornholio mode and psych your opponent out with various war cries.


do tell more


I suggest you read this, and pick one of those characters…preferrably Guile.



Try playing reactively and try to only play mindgames with people who actually bother to think. Also you should make sure to incorporate all elements of Akuma into your game, instead of focusing on just one or the other (eg: lots of online Akuma players I see just do nothing but learn 1000 vortex setups and then try to get by on that and fishing for sweep and far hk while teleporting on every wakeup, while they suck at zoning, actual footsies, anti airing, and playing reactively in general)

As others have said, maybe switching to another character for now might help you since Akuma is actually somewhat harder to use effectively vs good players where you cant just spam sweep or jump back fireballs mindlessly and hope to get a knockdown so you can apply one of your many setups since even though he has a lot of tools, most of them are rather average


Playing online doesnt really mean much. Try to find people you can play against in person on a regular basis and levle up with them. Try out a different character too like others said.


play better people and ask more questions


Add the people that body you and play them some more


First off, stop that. No really, stop that. The moment you get that feeling while playing, you’ve already lost in advance. I’ve been like that for a while, fuck that shit.

Also, if you have any troubles outside of gaming, they’re going to impact the shit out of you. Keep that in mind and don’t play if you don’t exactly feel great or have a prolonged issue that needs solving. This isn’t box/martial arts, where you have a punching bag for stress relief; be it an actual bag or a metaphor for a meatbag of a human. The only thing that gives you satisfaction here is winning.

Over a year ago, I was unemployed. Playing SF during that time period was the dumbest thing I could’ve done. Had to drop the game for a few months. Stress, lingering thoughts of failure, bad mood, all that crap has to be resolved first.

You know why characters like Ryu and Akuma are such badass mofos? They don’t care about the world around, they have no worries, they don’t think about paying the bills, or picking up their kids from school. they just live for the fight. Sure, they are just a bunch of pixels. But the idea has its merit. You need to either learn to block everything else out when you’re playing, or straighten your life out.

Not saying you have any issues, hopefully not of course. But it’s best to mention every possibility. Every potential obstacle.

Predictability and autopiloting, as was already mentioned.

Ignore the guy’s skill, how good he is, or how many times he bodied you. It’s useless info, you’re littering your brain with bullshit. All you need to know is his tendencies. Focus on when that Soul Spiral hits/happens. Focus on what behavior triggers slides. Think of all the jump-ins that you got hit out of. Ask yourself why you jumped, then the next time you feel that thought provoking you to do it again, do something else instead. ALWAYS monitor your opponent’s usage of meter. Figure out how he uses it. Make him burn it without taking damage.

Also you said “Whether I press a button, jump, or sit there blocking…”. Don’t just sit there and give Rose a stationary target practice. Keep moving. Back and forth. Force him out of his comfort zone, outside his range. Make him work for everything he does.

Lots of people say that if all else fails, down-back. Most fools, myself included for a very long time, fuck up and take it to the next level. Then they just sit there all the damn time, they’re not a threat, nor a difficult target to track. It makes you a prime candidate for cross-ups, throws and overheads. Good luck trying to react to all that or getting out of that pressure.

Also, all the little things help. A standing character has a smaller hurtbox. A character transitioning from standing to crouching animation can’t be thrown. Akuma’s demon flip has a sound cue associated with it (“Humpf!”). Regular jumps are cool too and they’re silent.

Also, if he’s just too great, chances are you need to find someone between your and his level first.

But yeah, there is always something you can do.

Hope this wall of text is of any use. It’s mostly my personal reflection on what I kept fucking up without knowing I was fucking up. Or when I falsely indentified the source of the problem.


Just a character that is hard to use.


#1 most importaint, stop playing to win, play to learn. Have this website open and after 5-10 matches go to the fight log. First read how you should have played the match then watch how you did play the match.
#2 do things to shake up your game play. Decide for the next 20 games you will refuse to use specials and supers. Learn to win just using your normals so you master your normals. next week play 20 games where you refuse to jump. Learn to get around on the ground and learn to anti air.

Something that made me better in three ways was to go for the C to C acheivement. Bring every character to level C in Ranked matches. 1, It will force you to learn the fundamentals of the game since you will rely on universal tools such as throws and focus attacks. 2, you learn a bit about the ranges of eachchracter and how to blow up each character since you will get blown up using them. 3, you may find out that you are using the wrong character, and by playing them al you may find the better character for you. Myself I went from my Main as Juri to using Ken as main and Cody&Cammy as seconds