408 We ain't got no money for the arcade matchmaking session

Hey All, my name is Peter and let’s have a training session.

I cant do this on a weekly basis, but I’m down to host a session on random occasion, just post up and see who is ready to play.

This week I’m off for spring break, so anyone down to meet up on Tue\Sat to play at my house? I live near SJSU and you may have to pay for parking.

Time to start learning new tricks and shit!

I can only host a max of 8. 1 set up. 2 sticks. Trying to get more set ups in the mean time.

  1. Karlo

You can put down 2 setups. I’ll bring my 360 + TE and a Hori EX2. It would be nice if someone could bring another TE for the 360 cause the ex2 is sometimes unreliable.

My friend and I are pretty scrub but we both have TE sticks for 360. Im sure he’ll be down for a get together (I havta ask and I’ll get back to you).

Oh cool, just aim me at Peter123herr, ill give you the detail if you do decide to come.