4billion+ dc% rate?

Haven’t quit a match yet, but my dc percentage says otherwise.
What’s going on here… (ps3)

One of the players I played against last night also showed an impossible % as well. Probably just a glitch.

Yeah, I saw this with a player I played with this morning. It was like %1263 which was amusing to see and very confusing to see on the first day of the game.

Mine was zero until I did a quick match tournament, then it was 4 billion something. Sometimes it changes back to zero, though. Not the weirdest glitch I’ve seen though.



My percentage is over four billion as well. Would be funny but now nobody will play me in ranked. Capcom patch this shit and reset my percentage.
I don’t quit ever, fix this asap.

It’s kinda sad that people take 4 billion percent disconnect seriously but that is a big error on Capcom either way.

Back to zero… Yeah?