4Chan Does It Again

Not sure if this should go in the video thread, but here we go. So 11 year old girl decides to act all tough and gangster:

YouTube - Allanbroox’s Channel

4Chan decides to get on it and ruin her life:


What is this world coming too…:rofl:

More Info Here(Thanks To FallingEdge):

How the Internet Beat Up an 11-Year-Old Girl




good shit

how you gonna be about shit in the 5th grade?

I’m interested to know exactly what they did, but I can’t go to the encyclopedia dramatica link (NSFW), not that those articles make any sense to anyone that doesn’t browse that site on the regular anyway.

Haha…internet golden moments like these are to be cherished.

“Pizzas and USPS boxes were promptly ordered to her home and there were a number of requests for Craigslist whores in the area to be directed to the address”:rofl:

mmmmm brain slushee
:homer simpson drool:

How the Internet Beat Up an 11-Year-Old Girl

Explains a bit more in detail what went down and whatnot.

consequences will never be the same…

i like i like hehehe.

You been backtraced.

and in a few weeks there will be something else

Don’t backtrace me, bro

I thought people learned not to mess with 4chan…

internet police ftw. been watchin this this all day, it’s awesome. especially her homo friend in that one video hahahaha

Encyclopedia Dramatica, just like 4chan is a no no on this site. I edited your post because it’s filled with nothing but porn ads and honestly I didn’t feel like infracting you for a mistake like this. Just watch it from now on.

the dad sells it sooooo well. He looks like he is giving a wrestling promo

[media=youtube]jQjdHUX2T4c"[/media] imo…

LOL. This is like a line of dialogue from a movie or something.

Consequences will never be the same.

damn that sucks.

She’s 11. You know that age where you’re stupid.


My day was rather uneventful until that shit.


The remixes are hilarious.

I shouldn’t be laughing at a 11 year old girl and her child molester dad but fuck it. I’m feeling mad evil today.

Couldn’t be me tho.