4ft 9in woman beats up her 'cheating' boyfriend for five minutes as he just sits there and takes it


the only situation where its acceptable to get your ass beat by a woman is if you expect to still get sex at the end of the day.

Fuck that bitch. He acted right man. You know the moment he punched her motherfucking Uterus out, the police would be all over his soulless ginger-ass.

the only thing you can do against a swinging woman is run. but he was fucked because they were in a subway… I would’ve at least restrained her and let her know what’s what

A standing fierce would have easily taken care of the situation but I guess a tech throw would have been better…

fucking foreigners get off my train!

What’s up with white people on trains you be fighting and cussing, we be trying to get to work, get home for supper, trying to make that youtube monay!

i’d throw her to the train tracks

At the end I thought she was going to bolt across the tracks to freedom. Get wacked by a train, then video will come up with PSA Provided To You By Rail Network

Us gingers can be overly violent. It takes a great deal of restraint to NOT hit somebody when you have no soul.

So what the fuck…no one could stop that little woman before the cops came?

As Jerry Lawler would say “LOOK OUT!!!”

(I’m not sure if the fact that every thing seems to be caught camera nowadays or that it lasted that long bother me.)

I’ll watch the actual video in a bit, even though it will doubtless be at least annoying as it’s more evidence of double standard that benefits women since they’re supposedly to weak to do any actual damage to a “real man” or some shit. Just wanted to comment on this.

More like no one wanted to because they thought she was incapable of actually harming him in any significant way as they’ve been deluded by society or she was would sue the hell out of them (at least) if they stepped in; provided they even gave a damn at all, of course.

Everyone knows that women basically become Judge Dredd any time they get near a courthouse.


public transport forces u to deal with these drunks, beggars and crazy broads all the time. and what can u do? cops take forever to respond

I’ve seen transit guards trying to contain this young drunk and they had detained him for so long he pulls his wang out and just started pissing in the carriage. cops eventually showed up and hauled him away

nigga…just get on a fuckin table and watch the hobbit get angry. she’s fuckin 4 inches! get on a stool.

I would never let a woman hit me. I would shake/choke/slap a woman hitting me without hesitation. Once they attack me, they give up their privileged status and deserve to get the realness brought upon them.

I don’t hit women, but Im not gonna let you smash on me in public at that too. I would have just tied her to one of the poles.

lol the commentary is almost as funny as the guy getting smacked around. seriously though, as a man you should be ashamed of yourself if you can restrain a woman that much smaller than you.

rockb would just sit on her til the cops came

yeah she would have got squeezed and shook real good.

She can do all the swinging her little arms can manage but you can’t let anyone stomp you in the head like that. Don’t have to brake her jaw, just hold her down and leave when you can. But respect to the dude for not blowing up and knocking the bitch out.