4gamer.net's article on reduced noise Sanwa parts


Five videos included, top three are HRAP EX, HRAP EX with reduced noise buttons and stick and Seimitsu HRAP EX.

Bottom two videos do a direct comparison of sticks and buttons.

The stick was very impressive, the buttons were less impressive to me.

Hard to gauge the sound in those play videos. Sounds like the mic was left on the desk, so it is picking up all the low frequencies that you would only hear in person if you had your ear against the work surface. If you listen only to the higher frequency clicking, the different is more apparent.

The out-of-case button vid makes the sound-deadened buttons sound louder than they will sound when installed.

Hard to say, but I think my Seimitsu PS-14-G-N(クリーン) with Sanwa RS-SG switches are quieter.