4MB Pro Action Replay Saturn and Sega CD Memory card working?

Tonight I just hooked up my Saturn to test my streaming setup. I tried to put in X-Men versus Street Fighter and all I got was a black screen.

so I decided to hook up Marvel Super Heroes with the four megabits because I heard the it uses four megabit card.

Then I took it out and found that Marvel works perfectly fine so thankfully everything on the Saturn works except the pro Action replay.

Also can the Sega CD and the Sega Saturn memory cards eventually lose its memory or is the memory permanent under most situations?

By the way try it out my Sinister stick, one ethernet cord didn’t work it was a yellow one but a blue ethernet cord did work. Just wondering if there’s a difference between the yellow and blue in hookups whether one is a crossover and one is a straight?

First game I tried played as Spider-Man on Marvel my right-handed stick on default settings, got to Thanos, one win round Not bad for first time after not playing in many years.

This is why emulation is glorious. And consoles like Sega Saturn and Playstation 2 are no longer a challenge to emulate. Modern entry-level PCs can run those systems fine, using Mednafen and PCSX2. The OG hardware will continue to degrade(disc drives failing, Capacitors corroding, Disc rot, etc), but emulation is Forever.

if you saw on twitch I was able to put X-Men vs Street Fighter for Saturn up. I just have to do kind of a roundabout way of setting it up.

But buying them for new systems with head-to-head multiplayer online is best with PC/Mac emulation as a backup plan.