4P Scramble Battle = Hilarious


I just got back from babysitting and me and the kiddies played a 4P scramble battle. Absolutely hilarious. Nobody had any idea what was going on and then all of a sudden…K.O! And everyone would be screaming “who won, did we win?? WE WON!” There was some hilarious in-team fighting “You’re the one that died! I was the only one going in!”

My favorite tactic was to play as M. Bison and Psycho Crusher through everyone! It was even more chaotic when there were larger characters. At one point there were 2 Ogres, a Bob and a Kuma. Amazing.

Hilarious night! :slight_smile:


Scramble is broken…nothing is safe in that mode. Alot of characters falter in that mode.


Scramble mode is meant to be non competitive. I think its fun. If you go in with the mindset of having casual fun. Great mode, often overlooked.


The mode is derpy as hell…even casually…


That’s why it’s fun. You can kind of have a strategy (Zangief spam lariat up front while Akuma charges super in back, Ryu throw fireballs while Hugo waits to anti-air, etc) but at the end of the day it’s most likely going to be a lot of chaos and screaming. It’s honestly really refreshing to play after a long session.


Eh…sounds more like exploiting the mode if you ask me…which…kinda steals the fun out of it. It’s good for a little bit…when you’re blatantly not trying to derp it out with boring tactics.


My friend’s nieces and nephews love it when I bring SFxT over because they get to play scramble mode.

The thought of children having innocent fun makes normal humans smile. Sorry to hear that it makes you cranky.


You can have fun…but it dies rather quickly…


Playing too much fighting games makes us forget and even despise the feeling of having some casual fun.

Scramble mode needs to be played more as a reminder that everything ain’t seriouz buzinezzzz…


That’s what games like Worms 2 are for!


Back when I new nothing of FG’s it was fun yeah sure…when you didn’t know what a frame trap was or what footies meant. I look back at that and go “man…” Just pressing buttons without really knowing what they do…it’s kinda lame. Figuring out the game and playing it like that feels more enjoyable then just mindlessly mashing buttons.


There’s a misconception between us here on what exactly Scramble mode is and why it is/isn’t fun. If I’m understanding you correctly FSE, you think we’re saying that we’re literally hitting buttons at random. Speaking for myself, that’s not what I meant at all. Footsies with two characters is a really stupid idea for competitive play, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t fun.


Well you don’t really play footsies in scramble…it’s not exactly the best choice of action. The general plan in scramble is have one fireball character and one rushdown. Tactic, throw fireball, cover the others ass whilst he presses buttons. Pretty simple…but also not exactly what I call fun. It’s more or less turtling but disguised as “fun.” Then it basically goes into a throw game. And whoever lands a CA…gets free reign on their opponents. You can’t even block (incoming character that went off-screen) and you can get punished so easily…steals the fun of it really.


I must have a really loose definition of footsies if players both trying to hit each other while also trying not to get hit doesn’t count.

You’re changing your statement though, you had previously said that just mashing buttons randomly wasn’t fun, now you say that’s not what happens in the matches. At this point I just have to disagree with you and move on, this isn’t gonna go anywhere.


Meh "shrugs*


We get it FSE, you cant turn off your competitive mode for a second and enjoy the craziness of scramble mode.

Its cool…


Well…knowing so much about FG’s now…going back to scamble type gameplay is so…boring…it’s…fun every once in a blue moon…but…I just don’t get that type of enjoyment of of casual fun. Like I’ll play games like Mahvel casually because I don’t plan to take it any further unless a certain someone makes it in. Of course it’s hypocritical to what I said earlier but eh… just not a huge fan of SM.


It’s fun…until you get paired with somebody who isn’t even trying to win. Just spamming dp’s at every opportunity, regardless of where the opponent is, kinda like cpu Ken in sf2 when he’s low on health, going for the old “unbreakable wall of shoryukens”, aka the shoryu reppa prototype…that is easy to punish.


That’s true of basically every game created. That’s a problem with the players, not the game.