4th August UK Ranking Battle

Results for 4th August Ranking Battle @ Turnpike Lane

1st - CIV (Chun Li)
2nd - Peaceman (Ken)
3rd - Raju (Urien)
4th - Chunkis (Ken)


Match Scores:

The Final - Best of 7
CIV 4 - 0 Peaceman

3rd place Playoff - Best of 5
Raju 3 - 0 Chunkis

Semi Finals - Best of 5
Chunkis 0 - 3 CIV
Peaceman 3 - 0 Raju

Quarter Finals - Best of 3
Chunkis 2 - 0 El Carpeto
CIV 2 - 0 Neil
Peaceman 2 - 0 Eion
Raju 2 - 0 Hon

Full report here:


Why am I not surprised… :clap:

Out of interest, how many people entered this tourney? [8?] Also, were the matches captured on film?

13 peeps group stages, then a last 8. Only a few matches on film so far, but you can see UK players in action here:


The RB matches will be up in a few weeks.

Excellent stuff, thanks to all who turned up and ggs to everyone. TheHY was our suprise guest!!! Was cool playing him after such a long time.

See you all at the neo empire tourney.

P.S Naz you are improving at a tremendous rate, keep it up mate. Also I am looking to get revenge on that Akuma of yours :badboy:

Peace! :tup:

EDIT-whoops, forgot to read. sorry guys.

RaJu_: I just watched those vids that Golden_Gunman posted…

If you watch them again, you’ll notice that you lose your matches because of dashback->dashforward stuff. I mean, I was rootin’ for ya, but it got to a point as soon as I saw that happen again I was all "Noooooooooo!!! and had to watched you get smacked. :slight_smile:

Nice matches.

Yeah cheers, I know what you mean. I also did too many EX Aegis after tackles, only to hope that they would fall for my pathetic mix up afterwards, oh well you live and you learn. Funnily enough I was at troc today and was trying not to get into that EX Aegis habit and found it was most certainly giving me a better performance. Anyway lets get back to the topic at hand and let peeps do their big ups and shout outs etc.


Check the link in post number 4:tup:

Thanks to everyone that came and made the evening fun and helping out
I would especialy like to thank GoldenGunMan, Harmonaz and Raju for there work and smooth organisation, Thanks guys couldnt have happened without you:tup:

Raju thanks again for letting me push in the queue (troc) on my break:tup: and thanks El Carpento too for the same:tup:, n shizz Naz I missed you.

Edit - I spoke to simione from Neo Empire yesterday and we’ve agreed that the winner of the RB will play the winner of the Neo tourny just for fun and a bit of spice…thats unless CIV wins that in which case it’ll be funny watching him play himself in a mirror match.

Well done to the organisers bassventura,golden gunman,naz and raju. It was a great tournament and i hope to see people all over the uk take notice and perhaps start there own ranking battle.

Tournament ran on time and was finished about 10pm. Well organised tournament and hope to see more ranking battles in the future.

well done to everybody

Ps raju sucks

and so does chunkis

Nice vids, everybody looks pretty damn good. CIV has a dangerous Chuns.

I’ll also echo what Raju has said about Naz. He is improving VERY fast, guy has some fast reactions and he’s only getting better. Watch out! Exactly the same thing with Bass and TGG too, theyre playing very solid game in game out, Ive noticed big improvements from everybody. :tup:

Bass I will check out something soon. Im coming to accept that the clock is ticking down for CVS2. Sad day coming, sad day indeed :sad:

Match Vids now up @ Vosor’s site:


BIG thanks to The Chef for capping and recording and Vosor for hosting.

PS: Not everyone knows about #cornertrap on efnet. There are plenty of 3S heads running their mouth on that channel all day long :badboy: .

I know wot you mean man, I’m still cvs2 head at heart but no comp means 3s. It took me a long time to get into 3s but now I like it alot.

Also dude your down the road from me and I still aint met you man, pass down oneday man for cvs2 and 3s. Infact try and make it to Troc this sunday, I think there’ll be a decent crowd up there. If you need to get in touch with me get my number of Pauchowvehdartfractured (you know who i mean lol)


Edit- I just checked the other thread and the tournies are still on sunday so get your ass down there for cvs2 and 3s*

  • If you dont show all the North London crack heads will be looking for ya, thats right a price on your head punk

Hey Bass, any news on these RBs happening at the weekend in future?

Edie no date confirmed yet. We might get a different venue and the goal will be to get a Sunday, anyhow I’ll keep you posted