4th JLF Broken?

I don’t know what the problem is but it seems like left and right will only respond 30% of the time. It’s not the harness either. So I’m starting to wonder if I’m not delicate enough or there’s some sort of problem here.



Hmm, have you tried opening the microswitches?

Actually, at this point, you might want to get a TM-8. That way, when a switch does go, you can easily replace it.

I have not opened up the switches, I’m going to do so

Everything seems to look normal inside the swithces

Have you tried actuating the switches alone without the shaft?

yes, I think I may have fixed this however I dunno if this was a accident by chad or what happened or how it happened in this ‘‘specific’’ stick the others i think are legitimately broke because they wont register any inputs at all some of the things inside that i didn’t notice before were facing the wrong way -_-’ causing it not to hit the left and right switch properly but thanks d3v for the help d3v I wouldn’t have even noticed if you had said nothing much appreciated.

Hmmm… what PCB are you using? There could be / could have been a cold solder joint or a loose connection. If the JLF is really your 4th one, I wouldn’t search the fault on the JLF.

Stop mashing so hard…

I don’t mash like you rcaido, I play ST a game that actually requires skill go play hdr and stop trying to troll me. No tolga Ive already looked + I’m using the same PCB for this JLF and this JLF is working now. I might sell the other 3 for a very very very low price maybe and someone else can try to fix them.

LOL im a top player & you’re a nobody & how does ST & HDR gots to do on you mashing…Seriously who fucking breaks 4 sticks unless they are mashing too hard…But seriously, have you check on your QD’s, its possible you didn’t crimp them right, seeing as you have 5pin wire harness, check your daisy grounds…


I’d rather this thread NOT degenerate into flaming.

A top player I have never heard of you must not be somebody. Already checked my wires. If the same harness is working for this jlf and not the other three it’s obviously not the wiring. I have never mashed in my life. But Ill play in in a ft10 in either game if you really are that hurt over the truth. Anything else you want to say do it in PM’s so d3v doesn’t have to worry.

rcaido is old school. He’s good.
I am too, but this is a different user name.

Don’t diss him. He knows what he’s talking about. His first comment BLEEDS with sarcasm.

Anyway, having a modified Bruce Lee quote in your sig is really stupid.

Actually ON topic:
Is it a custom case? I’ve had ones where the circle wasn’t exactly perfect and my up wouldn’t register correctly on my JLF. I had to shave off some of the case for it to hit completely all the time.

I wouldn’t say he knows anything about oldschool. I don’t care if it’s sarcasm.
I don’t want someone that’s not willing to post something useful.

If i remember correctly he isn’t that OG and real OG players shunned him for the troll he was and is.

As far as the modified bruce lee quote it’s not there to look cool. It makes perfect sense.
Having ‘‘Ive been banned before’’ and that other nonsense in your sig is really stupid

It isn’t a custom case even if it was if one stick is working fine that is the same stick
and the other are not it’s not the case. I don’t want help with the other 3 sticks
I’m going to right them off as broken and sell them for like 3$ or something
eventually I don’t like Sanwa as is. Seimitsu/Happ all the way.

Thread has run it’s course. Closing.

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