4th Kaillera MOTW Tourny 8-7-2005

1st: Lux
2nd: Oldtimer
3rd: Hibikster
4th: Pedro
5th: Someguy
5th: Jaehoon
7th: Neverdone
7th: Hentai Prime
9th: Kim Kaphwan
9th: Tigergenocide
9th: Gaijin
9th: Santouryu
13th: SDK-show
13th: Aktham
13th: AKscrube
16th: Kurse
16th: -=Flame=-

GGS to all who participated. I was put in to the losers bracket for the first time since we started this. Good shit Pedro. Very nice to get even more participation than we did in the last tourny with certain SRK forums being down. Hopefully we can continue this trend with another tourny organizer…shit was nuts. Next tourny in 2-3 weeks. Look out for it.

Great tournament. I must participate in the next one. Hopefully by then I’ll have my stick (finally).

Wow, nice turnout. Big props to Lux for holding it down as director when I couldn’t make it. I’ll resume duties at the next tournament. Lots of new faces I see and I lot of regulars missing so let’s hope we can get an even bigger turnout in a few weeks. :tup:

Jae got 5th? :tdown: Come on people, buck up!