4th of July Plans/Grill Lineup


Alright, the 4th is on Wednesday, so all you grillmasters, what are you going to put on your fabulous grill? And what is ya plans?

I’m going way out to Texas to see my Pop’s family and reunite with the Relatives and such. Kick it with my cousins and try to get out to planet zero and get a few games in.

So far the line up is pretty simple for me and pop’s family:

Grilled Chicken Legs/Breasts/Thigh
Baked Potatoes
Steak Burgers/Hamburgers
Potato Salad
Mac n Cheese
Pork Chops
Hot Dogs (they usually get ballpark franks, however I’ve been wanting to try out that Hebrew National hotdog)
Sweet Corn on the Cob
Black Eyed Peas
Baked Beans w/ sliced ham/pork chop/sasuage
And 2 ~ 4 cases of Budweiser/Budlight
HOPEFULLY dat homemade Peach Cobbler w/ Homemade Ice Cream assist.

I know my Pops and I usually try to get some of dem Porterhouse steaks, but I don’t know if he’s going to get 'em this year.

So what’s on yalls menus?


Grilled/skillet homemade pizza.

I am making the dough the night before. When everyone rolls through, they all each get their own pizza ball dough to make their own pizza. Gonna have an assortment of toppings, ranging from ground beef, bacon and the such to avocados.

Gonna throw in a hot dog style pizza in honor of the most disgusting display of American awesomeness.


No clue what the rest of the family is cooking up, but I just bought a few slabs of ribs which I’m going to smoke, and serve with a homemade sauce. Also thinking of picking up some sausages to smoke too.


Grilled vegetable kebabs, pasta with cheese sauce from scratch, potatoes of every kind… possibly pizza.

Hell, I don’t know. I don’t plan to celebrate, per se, unless you count lots of cold beer and overeating. Really, if I’m not passed out within hours of waking up for the day, I have failed my country.