4Way or 8WAY

I got the Hori HRAP EX and i switched to the octagonal gate about a month ago and i feel like the square gate made it alot easier for me to pull off moves. has anyone else swithced to a square to octaon gate and back?:wasted:

As always it depends on the person and his/her preference.

I think an octagonal gate is much better than a square gate because the diagonals as well as the straight directions are much easier to hit than with a square gate.

Others prefer a square gate over the octagonal one because they’re more commonly used in arcades that octagonals.

Just a question of preference.

You do know that a square gate is an 8-way right? Same as the octagonal shape gate.

Nah, he is totally hardcore and plays SF with a 4 way. Diagonals are for wusses.

All I can remember is playing Tekken with a Ms. PacMan stick. Was still able to rock shit with Jack on a 4-way leafswitch.

Why not put a 2 way restrictor on it? :lol: He could also eliminate jumping and crouching. That ought to make for some exciting SF. Move forward, punch, block, reverse, kick.

Well that would make PSYCHO CRUSHERS really easy I reckon. I approve. :tup: