5/1- Cody's Marvelous Extrodiner $2.00 SF4 Tourney


** What:**
No RanBat or team tourney this Friday so I’ll keep it old school at what started it all good ole’ $1.00 tourney that winner takes all.
Why does it say $2.00, because a man has to eat.

Basically use this T.T.F. for casuals and practice for the next RanBat.

the dojo of unprotectedSEX
a lot of you know where I live by now, if you need them pm me.

This Friday which is May 1st.
Doors open 7:30
Dolla tourney starts around 8-8:30

The casuals them selves will be capped not the tourney
I am only allowing 16 people maybe more with some acceptations.
For example the CC play marvel so that’s cool cause they play in the kitchen

  1. resq
  2. marco_m
  3. laceysan
  4. fernando’s nuts
  5. Dios <-x->
  6. n3m0n1c
  7. DOODS
  8. tanabe
  9. tanabe’s friend
  10. Dios <-X->
  11. Dunkindoanuts
  12. CC Marcos
  13. Yen
  14. frank fresh
  15. phestik

If you want to go to the casuals and play in the cheap tourney please post up

  • Cody


You tricked me with that name, for a minute there I thought you were going to have a marvel tourney.


Whats good Cody.

Please sign me up sir.



sign me up…



He tricked me with that name, for a minute there I thought he was going to have an eating outside tourney.


yen here. yo cody, sign me up. thx man


Wassup Cody. Hope you didnt forget about me. :wink:


my bads x_x


All good. just wanted to make sure I was on the VIP list. And yes I don’t think anybody rushes down Rufus like you do in SD!!!



sickness…let me get frankfresh in the first round…LoL


woooo cant wait to play without lag with my SD brothas


can you sign me up cody? thanks brutha!


I might be down if you can put me as a maybe



You got jokes!!! Did you get your stick? Cuz your gonna need it when you face me son!!! LOL



add me in there plox.