5/1 MVC2 at The Break Results


Like 16 people, the right side was top hating on Phil and a couple other people

  1. Shawn Starbury Morgan - MS^2, Sent/Storm/Capcom
  2. Kevin Smith - Storm/Sent/AAA
  3. DSP - Mag/BB Hood/Tron, Cable/Sent/Capcom
  4. Ed Espino - Mag/Sent/Cable, Storm/Sent
  5. Alex Monin - Strider/Doom/Someone, Storm/Sent/AAA
  6. Dru - Mag/Sent/IM
  7. Phi - Cable/Sent/Capcom
  8. Rob S - Mag/Cable/Tron, Mag/Cable/IM

more people

lot of good matches no CVS2 comp but mad ST comp (10 quarters up at one point? wtf)
Come next week if you need directions www.thebreak.net/arena


It’s ShawN fuckin Morgan liek i said … ahhahah NJ owns FOr Freee hahahahahh


I’ve decided that from now on I will always start Mag/BBhood/Tron. Because MvC2 is a big piece of shit and it doesn’t matter.


tophaters.com! :lol:


holy shitz CT got 2nd at a break mvc tourny? o nm x didn’t show upz jk good shit mr. smith on 2nd hopefully i can get a day off 2 go w/ u guys again sum time soonz.



no cvs2 comp hey?!?!?!?!?! i was there mister i wont fall for that one button custom combo and ended being the first thing he got hit by lol :lol:


there was some people but then the machine was dead most of the night. I don’t think I got hit with one custom combo the whole night tho so maybe got me confused with someone else. I’m a white guy I played raiden/terry/ken or later on i did random select and got like haohmaru/maki/todo or something stupid like that. but like machine wasn’t blazing all night like ST


u cant hate the right side…i played that shit the whole night…holla front…

no doubt pungza jerzey holdin it down fo sho


im just gonna act like this tourney never happened…


bah shawn beat me 2-1 in winners brackett but he’s not mentioning that i did OCV him with cable one game = ]

jus playin man good shit dunno if we’ll be back next week but definetly the week after. BTW CONNECTICUT FINALLY HAS 360’s!!! lates.