5/1 Pembroke Mall, VA Gamestop SSF4 Tourney


The last ESTABLISHED tournament at the Pembroke Mall Gamestop. Virginia Beach, VA

IT WILL BE SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4. I will be providing my own systems, like the last time.

Saturday, May 1st. Registration will begin around 1:30 PM, with the tournament starting at 3:00 PM

Rules on match number/ whether it will be double/single elim will depend on entrant number

99 seconds, No banned characters, no banned stages(Although if someone wants to not play on Volcanic Rim, that’s cool)

First prize is yet to be announced, but it most likely will be a 20$ gift card (We ARE under new management, however, and the new manager used to do 1$ per person prize, so please come out as it may increase the pot)

We should have 3 setups like last time, and I believe we’ve found a fix for the PS3’s bad resolution

It will once again be in the Food Court of the Pembroke Mall

I hope to see you all there!